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hi I'm using LPC2148 and trying to capture input. echo signal of hc-sr04 needs to be calculated can anyone guide me...
man, the friend above AmrZohny proposal is fabulous, beyond that, you'll see on your development focus, today has many 32-bit cores, each with a deversidad of proposals in relation to the cost benefit. ARM11 arm7 ARM9 Cortex1 AVR 8 etc etc ... then you should also see the tools necessary for the development or learning to use them, these costs, som
Hello, I have worked on 8051/AVR/arm7 and familiar with C language, Now I want to start with Matlab and Simulink, can any one suggest me the steps I should follow to learn and start working on these softwares ? please suggest me study material /Book/Online Tutorials for this !!!
hi friends, i just started learning arm7 microcontroller and my question is that whether MDK and CARM compiler are compatible with each other?
I am a new bie. I don't know much about arm7. I am still learning. I have been given project to interface RF-ID with arm7 processor. I don't know how to code. I dont even know if my project name is complete or not.(I mean just interfacing of rfid with arm7 is enough for a project or i have to do some application of it)... (...)
Hi All, If you are thinking to start learning ARM or Embedded Linux, You don't have to spend huge money. Have a look on these workshops at EasyARM. arm7 Workshop: easyarm Embedded Linux: easyarm Just for INR. 1700.00 Thanks & Regards Vasu [url=h
i am a novice at keil , i am learning arm 7 assembly level program , i want to know hot to read and write into memory ,either rom or ram AREA ARMex, CODE, READONLY ; Name this block of code ARMex ENTRY ; Mark first instruction to execute start MOV R0,#0X00000000 MOV R1,#0
Dear all friend i try to start with micro arm7 so please help me what c compiler that can work with arm7 thanks in advance
Hi guys, does anyone have C programming tutorial for arm7 LPC2368? I'll be glad if you willing to share it with me. Thanks a lot.
Hi i've decided start learning arm7 microcontrollers planning to buy this board is it worth it?? Are there any other good arm7 boards (ATMEL or phillips LPC)
Hi, I am starting to develop with Vxworks. But there documentation are very Huge. My question is where to start? I am working With arm7 and developing an Application which requires Device Drivers. Salam Hossam Alzomor