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Hi, I would like to know the options of dumping real arrays using vcs/ncsim Thanks.
Hello I am running a power tool on my RTL code which is written in VHDL. I used many multidimetional array in my RTL. when i am trying to create vcd files in modelsim using wlf2vcd command it ignores these multidimetional array. what should i do to include these array. one more thing there are many so it tis not feasible for me to (...)
I think you want to declare an array and have the code read it from a file, because you can manipulate that file "offline", generate as an output dump from some other more appropriate tool or whatever. There are some table functions in veriloga (been a year or more since I last messed with) that work with a file pointer, if this is the end-use of
Hi, I have a created a 2D array as memory in my verilog code. I have developed a testbench for the same as well. Now I wish to take the dump of that memory to be displayed . How do I proceeed? Also I might have to write that dump in a file.
Hi, According to my experience, runtime change in the depth of array is not possible. The design will be synthesized with fixed depth and allocate only defined resources at once. We have tried the same thing and also with flexible length of signal/variable. Although, what I can think in this case is that you can dump your array values (...)
Hi, I have an array of vectors declared like (VERILOG): reg my_array; Afterwards, some data gets stored into this array as a result of some operations, done in a verilog simulation (i am using modelsim). Is there any easy/direct way to save the contents of this array into a file say 'xyz.dat'??? Can someone give (...)
I also hope to know how to dump memory or array. Thanks in advance.
I've been using VHDL for too long and don't know if 2-D array (verilog) is synthesizable or not...
Does anybody know how to dump 2-D array (verilog) in NCSIM? Thanks
Hi, I wish to observe to changes of multi-dimension array (e.g. memory) in VCS . How to do that? I know Aldec and Modelsim can shows the value of those array real-time, but I cann't find the way with VCS. Thanks. Hi, Which VCS Version do you use? I use some of the latest ones, and they can do this. Assuming you