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Hi, As first step I highly recomend you to dominate the content of these books: design of analog CMOS Integrated Circuits by Behzad Razavi, for analog VLSI design. CMOS Circuit design, Layout, and Simulation by R. Jacob Baker, for digital VLSI design. The art of (...)
See Alan Hastings' book The art of analog LAYOUT, chap. 7.2 , espec. 7.2.10 .
You should look at the design rule manual: there will be a chapter on Capacitor and Resistor layouts. if you want generic understanding..... this book will help.. The art of analog Layout (2nd Edition) Paperback – July 4, 2005 by Alan Hastings
suggesting art of analog Layout book the best one :)
Hi.. you can study a lot about matching through googling.. anyways refer these books.. art of Lyout by A.Hastings Cmos ciruit design,simulation and layout by Jacob R. Baker refer these PDF's too
Are you asking about maintaining a constant bias point (Ic) across temp, supply? Or are you asking about base current cancellation (compensation)? I think I've seen some reference to it in older analog design texts, back when bipolar devices were still dominant in analog design - Blue-cover Gray & Meyer, etc.) - but a lot (...)
The art of analog Layout (2nd Edition): Alan Hastings
Hi, You can refer IC Mask design and art of analog layout books. Thanks, Basu
Beginners Level --art Of Electronics -- Microelectronics circuit analysis and design By Donald Neamen --Fundamentals of Microelectronics by Behzad Razavi Mid. Level --Microelectronics by Sedra and Smith --design of analog integrated circuits By Behzad Razavi -- analog Integrated circuit (...)
Hi, I just wanted to bring your attention (politely!) to a research contest in analog design at Patexia. The contest asks for published material pre-dating a certain patent (prior art) and offers a $5000 prize for the best submission. The patent in question features a charge pump in a voltage controlled oscillator. If you're interested in (...)
"analog Circuit design - art, Science and Personalities" Edited by the late Jim Williams. Chapters from many of the great designers such as Barrie Gilbert, Paul Brokaw, George Philbrick and the late Bob Pease. Keith.
When I was at Maxim, we used to ask people to sketch the voltage across a capacitor when charged by a constant current source. That got rid of 30% of candidates. It is still a question I use today.... then go onto the harder stuff. The art of Electronics is still a good analogue book (my copy is 20 years old). Skim through this
I have experience with analog and RF design but none with eddy current testers, and I need to design a front end for a ***** tester like the MIZ-23 or MIZ-27. I've studied patents and prior art a little, and have a reasonable idea of what's required. The usual approach is to differentially measure probe coils while the (...)
enjunear , you miss art of analog design ? Microwave Theory Book : test signal to our circuit and out S Parameters , Black Box .
I know it is possible as some companies offer this kind of input True, what are you exactly asking for? State-of-the art temperature transmitters are usually processor based modules, with variable range and digital linearization and calibration. You won't be able to implement their features in a simple analog-only design. In my opin
Hi thr, Presently I am searching for a challenging and interesting PhD project. my field of interest is analog mixed signal IC design. I would really love to work on a low-power micro-sensor circuit. if some body knows a project, only a detailed project description will also do. I am also looking for the state-of-the art technology
Hemanshu, It is getting a bit old now, but one of my favourite books on "practical" design is The art of Electronics by Horowitz & Hill ISBN 0521370957 That is the second edition (1989) and while there are rumours of a third edition, it never seems to appear - shame. For IC design, I th
read: alan hastings: art of analog Layout read: christopher saint: ic layout basics, ic mask design read: clein: cmos ic layout basics all available here. use search.
'the art of analog Layout'
Here are some thoughts (I voted analog). - analog is one of the few niches that still has aspects of "art" to it. This makes you less of a commodity and the more you develop your skills, the more you can stand out. I spent about 5-7 years in digital and the only thing that ever changed was the tools and the number of possible (...)