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In that case, you should first remove the infinite ground by defining the conductivity of the layer = 0. Then, you build the finite ground as a group of polygons on them. You build the shapes of the slots using polygons on some artificial layer temporarily. You select the polygons for the shapes of the slots. You use the command ADV EDIT->BUILD HOL
"Speed" in processors is a highly volatile and imaginary thing. Just think of it: a modern PC with multigigabyte 32-bit processor can crunch the immense data stream needed to display a movie; yet it is not fit to control _reliably_ a few simple processes with ms precision, which is a standard task for any 8-bit microcontroller. Also, it is un
See the attached HFSS file. Apparently, S11 and S12 have artificial resonace around 1GHZ due to interpolation. This can be verified by sweeping using discrete type. does anyone have good idea how to solve the problem?
Why don't you make an AHRS artificial horizon, like they use in autopilots? It's not too hard, but it presents a challenge.. That's what I'd do.. well.. did... :D
Hi all, Can somebody please provide me the basics of artificial Neural Networks ? It would be very nice if some tutorial or an example circuit follows it. Help, Anybody?
Hi all. Pls i need good books on Robotics. I'm new in this field, so i need books that will give me a solid foundation in Robotics and also some other that could carry me on into artificial intelligence and robotics. I've searched the forum and all the rapidshare links i got kept returning the message: "File not Found". I'll appreciate it if u
As I am not an expert on frequency domain, I ask for the apology of the better than me. I believe that the issue is not a qulaity study on the frequency interference rather than to explain with the mathematical models what and why is happening in a medium that different frequencies are applied. I will start my thinking and I hope someone can
Khouly, Yes I tried with both the options (with and without initial condition).Also, I am using VDD as a step (with a rise time of 1n and transition from 0 to 3.3V). My doubt is, will this be a problem with PMOS load (say load is less than expected)..... I have done the individual delay cells by taking a swing of 1V (2.3V to 3
hı ı am working on pattern recognition for using artificial neural network. can anyboty help me about get input for ann. ı am trying with matlab thanks!
hello pls i am new to this site,i nid to write my project on application of AI to business,i wil appreciate all responses
hi friends I am doing a project on "FPGA Implementation of artificial Neural Network(ANN)" Can anyone suggest me some resources for ann and its implementaion on fpga? -pankaj
Quantum dot is also called an artificial atom. it's a zero dimension structure in which energy levels can be modified at will. this enables one to get radiation of any desired wavelength.
thank mophor,i really interested in artificial magnetic groung plane for improvement horizontal antenna directivity,pls any articles,i will be thanks ,could we share ,what is ur package of simluation,could be contact
1. Neural Networks - Simon Haykins, Pearson Education. 2. Adaptive Pattern Recognition & Neural Networks - Pay Y.H. 3. An Introduction to neural computing - Chapman & Hall 4. artificial Neural Networks - Robert J. Schalkoff, McGraw Hill 5. artificial Neural Networks - B.Yegnanarayana, PHI /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
The bandwidth is an artificial number used to describe the system parameter. As stated in the spec the sampling frequency is fs=8000*floor(n*BW/8000); n=8/7, 144/125 BW take BW=10MHz you will get fs=11.424MHz I think the truncation to 8kHz in the above formular has to do with a time frame definition from that sampling frequency. But I
"artificial Sin Wave Generation Using the SX Microcontroller" Regards, IanP
hi... It ll be a good work if you enhance your robotics by some artificial intell..or fuzzy logic concepts.. When your sensors should work.. when the robot must locomote.. wht should it detect or whatever should it ignore.. RTOS will also be a major play.. Wish you all the success for your work.. visit for robotic
Hey guys , I will start a master and I have a doubt between OPTOELECTRONICS and artificial INTELIGENCE. Anybody can give me your comments . Witch one can give me best future ? Witch one can give me best salary ? Thanks a lot for your time . I wait your comments...........
Is there a characteristic of daylight (Sunny or cloudy condition) that artificial light such as from a street doesn't have? I would like to design a sensor that would turn a light on or off depending on the natural lighting but ignores artificial light.
hello friend its very nice. i sugest you to go to AI(artificial intelligence) where you can mix two of your selected fields (robotics+dsp or robotics+?p) try this all the best