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I am not familiar with Spectre - and, hence, I know nothing about itīs capability to analyze S/C circuits in the frequency domain. However, all other simulation packages known to me (LT-Spice, PSpice, TopSpice, ...) are able to analyze the frequency response of S/C circuits (time discrete systems) only after the circuit has been transferred into a
So inpractice design, is it meaningful to set a large Vov to improve linearity? what do we usually do to improve lineary? kemiyun gave you already a comprehensive answer regarding the methods usually applied. Some time ago I have seen in a paper a description of a another somewhat "artificial" method for lineari
hello sir , i need a matlab code for speaker recognition using feature extraction as MFCC and Feature or Pattern matching as ANN(artificial neural Network ) please do reply my email id is
Can anyone plz help me wit the matlab code of artificial neural network for ECG??
Firstly, I would like to say hello, since it's my first post on this forum :) Ok, now going back to the topic. My problem is that I need to do some tests and gather information about control quality in systems with feedforward and recurrent neural networks. I have to admit that I have little experience with using neural networks, so I decided
There are commercial UHF RFID tags implemented on flexible plastic materials. According to measurement of the permittivity of those materials, it seems they are PTFE-based. However, a major problem of the existing materials is that they are thin, which places a challenge to narrowband patch antenna. Besides, according to the info provided by a
Saying AC voltages are not vectors is a bit sophistic, because the artificial word phasor is just a combination of phase and vector. Cheers!
The question is rather vague. Your apparently talking about artificial light, but it's characteristics can be quite different. - Incandescent lamp light is almost unmodulated due to the large time constant of filaments - mains frequency operated fluorescent lamps have strong 100/120 Hz modulation - electronical ballasts of fluorescent energy s
there is no real array - it is an artificial construct - what you define as a n*m array is converted to a vector that is n*m long. when you reference a row and column it is converted to the position in the vector
If you refer to the simplified "Internal parameters" circuit in the application note, an LCR meter measurement would be the straightforward way. In the real power components world, there are more parasitice elements and Rg will be distributed, as already discussed in AN text. But the LCR measurement would still allow to determine type and temperatu
The common mode range is exceeded in the circuit, instead of adding more artificial voltage drop, you should better use a dedicated high side current sense amplifier. 36 V supply is INA122 maximum rating, good design praxis suggest to choose a lower actual supply voltage.
Hello, I would like to know the difference between goal based model and simple reflex model. and also about the agent functions. thank you
Hi friends, I search after examples of researches and projects that involve or collaborate Computer Vision and one of this big subjects Robotics, artificial Intelligent, Control, Mechanics and Communication.
A previous thread that discusses different definitions of quality factor Q and their relation Related to antennas, this expression is often used Q = antenna reactance / antenna resistance Generally, "miniaturized" (electrical small) antennas are expected to have high Q rather than lo
artificial Intelligence,Visual computation, Graphics computation,Embedded Real Time Systems Programming and..of course Robotics: Wish you success
Hi, Look at this link ( ) and these publications: C. Mateo-Segura, M. Garcia-Vigueras, G. Goussetis, J.-L. Gomez-Tornero, A. P. Feresidis, "A Simple Technique for the Dispersion Analysis of Fabry-Perot Cavity Leaky-Wave Antennas,"
Sounds like an "artificial" problem. An ideal transformer has a parallel inductance in usual understanding. How is the transformer modelled in Matlab?
What light source for indoor ambient light you have (metal-halide lamp, halogen, sodium bulb, neon, mercury bulb,...), and on what distance ? For solar cells, from personal expirience sun light is more effiecient then any other light source. You need to put solar cell closer to bulb light source to have some results. In other hand lots depend
The phase voltages (referred to star point, either an existing or artificial one), as well as the interphase voltages and currents of a symmetrical three-phase system will always show 3x120 degree phase shift related to each other. I prefer vizualizing the phase relations in a phasor diagram. On the other hand, you can generate arbitrary phase s
What you are describing is on the order of artificial intelligence. It has turned out to be a huge chore to program a computer to recognize everyday objects, yet a toddler can do it easily. You will need something like a camera to give a detailed picture, and a software algorithm which can detect shapes, colors, etc. It will be even more effort