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Yes but i want not to detect the artificial light ... only daylight ?
If I remember right, the author already revealed in a previous thread that his project is a cell phone jammer, an artificial interference source, as can be also seen from the schematic So the VCO with worst jitter specification is probably "too good". Personally, I'm not interested in contributing to such stuff.
I want to design a hardware that will be able to recognize an object like a book i.e, i want give some artificial intelligence to hardware. i am using lpc1768 ARM and OV7670 camera , SD card for this purpose.
Keep in mind that this is an artificial problem. Anyone else would choose the built in multipliers and the inferred adders. These would both be smaller, faster, and lower power than almost every other elaborate solution. (eg, small enough multipliers could be implemented in BRAM/LUTs). (for fun, compare your RCA/CLA against just x+y. CLA quick
hi I am trying to train an artificial Neural Network (ANN) to model a state space block I have set up in Simulink. The goal is to have the ANN produce the same output as the state space block given the same input (time delays may be included using MUX blocks). I have used Simulink to export input/output data sets to workspace, which I then a
The one on the top is probably helix. The middle antenna is what sometimes called 'sleeve dipole': coaxial cable in the middle, center conductor extends up (thin top part of the antenna) and forms one side of the dipole. The braid soldered to section of tube, forming second electrode. the thicker short section at the bottom, right before the conn
Hello, Usually one can see circular waveguides to be excited in certain waveguide modes. But, how REAL waveguides are being excited via current sources? I'm particularly interested in exciting TE01 mode using a thin (or arbitary fat!) wire of a certain current density distribution in order to excite this mode. No book, or article, shows exactly
Are you sure it is not a problem with the model and the use of global node zero which doesn't appear on the pinout? Keith Yes, I think we should not blame the simulator but instead the MODEL which is used to simulate opamp circuits.#As you probably know - it is a so called "macro model" that uses controlled sourc
hi! please , i want to use patch antenna above (AMC) artificial magnetic conductor! when i simulate patch antenna only above ground plan , i use heigth of substrate (h1) but when i want use AMC as ground plane , i don't know how choose (h, ep_r) of my substrate for obteining same frequency resonance witch case when patch with no AMC! than
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is it possible to include neural networks or artificial intelligence with the routing protocols for manets in order to enhance its performance
Is artificial Intelligence applied to DSP still a trend? I am specially interested in DSP for audio, image and video applications. Is there research going on these fields using A.I. techniques? Or is it kind of stagnated. I have studied a little about Neural Networks and I thought it to be a wonderful way to do non-linear filters implemented in an
It is a pulse converter for different devices battery supply. The converter uses a choke on core E65, which inductance is about 1mH, 30A/1200V IGBT transistors and corresponding diodes. Frequency of the operation of
It's one thing to get it running as a dual buck-boost. (I'm talking about a simulation.) An artificial way to do this is to order clock pulses delivered to the mosfets in sequence, each at 25 percent duty cycle. It's another thing to include adaptive hysteresis band current control. I don't know how to help you with that.
Hi! Being new myself to DSP and after doing some preliminary googling, I'd like to kindly ask the more experienced members for an estimation of the feasability of the following project and brain-storming for terminology to start help me get started with further investigations. Background: A friend is physically severly handicapped and no longe
It is a copy of well known amplifier with one speaker, power of 40W and two modes: drive and more drive. Schematic and the board were drawn in PROTEL. It is a copy of the original board. Most of elements like mains and speaker
I have one question, its not in semiconductors/conductors area, I apology for that, but its interesting. What make Magnetic Field of Planet Earth ? We dont know how Earth is maked and other planets to, we only make assumption and speculation about that through science. Yes, yes, yes, I know science is there that we dont have assumpt
Assumptions: This computer power supply was designed as an alternative source of energy to battery supply. It was made of Codegen 350W power supply, model 300XX, placed in housing Z17 237x218x92. Vol
Sir may i know about the problems facing by science in the field of A.I. (artificial Intellegence) ? - - - Updated - - - Function: to rotate a disc contaning electronics producing infra red & electromagnetic waves Control: speed of diffrent 7 motors individually Qty to make: 7 for now Environment: in outside the building
HI..i have a problem.:sad:. i have a project with name " simulation in c++ has a mobile robot navigation for a script of your choise"--artificial intelligence .. i use borlandc++.pls if you can help me with the c++ CODE..we defined route..with graphic elements of to define the robot so to bypass obstacles? an example please.. waiting for

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