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It is a cheap construction of guitar amplifier similar to small Fender 30W. Housing was made of 15mm thick plywood, but it also can be up to 18mm. 4 pieces 20cm (top and bottom cut to 32cm) were cut, sides cut in order to get the middle of 32cm x 26cm. Length of the sides depends on the thickness of material used. Everything should be glued with ad
plz send me some applications of ann in design of microstrip antenna.
i need a papers on slotted triangular patch antenna using artificial neural network.plz help me. M also need some notes on slotted antenna.
It's utter bollocks I'm afraid mate... The only thing a few sheets of ink-impregnated paper will do to protect you from your phone's heat and EM radiation is a) thermally insulate you from it, and b) increase the distance between you and your phone. A baby's sock with a picture of a yellow duck on it will achieve much the same thing.
This is the construction of 5W Atomic on 6N2P-Ew and 6P14P-Ew tubes. Housing was made of planks and covered with artificial leather. Chassis was made of an old computer. In addition, there is a suppression line filter. The fron
Is there anywhere i can get more information on this? I know that - in some cases - the active and artificial unit "FDNR" is also called "super-capacitor". The impedance of this two-opamp circuit is Z=-1/(D*w^2). (Thus, it is negative and real). In a similar way one could define and realize an active circuit (with
It all depends on the impedance of the voltage source and the impedance loading the output terminal. For instance a diveide by 10 scope probe just relies on a serial 10M ohms resitor, the other half of the attenuator is the 1 M ohm input resistance of the scope. This so the probe will not load the circuit. If you are putting an artificial centre t
Hello! 1)what will need to create voice control GPS, 2)Is there any voice control chip, 3)if i use artificial neural network(ANN), how to train them, 4)which simulator for ANN will the best, i know MATLAB is widely used for ANN is there any other? What you intend to do is extremely complex, and your questions sound lik
To improve this home made guitar amplifier, a simple resistor divider was used at the input. Power amplifier has 100W, but at 2x28VAC supply and 8 ohm speaker you can gain 40-45W and more. Transformer has a lot of stock because it
an AMC is an atrificial magnetic conductor either you search for a practical design or you can use the theoritical (Perfect M) boundary as I told you here is a paper that might help you "Effects of artificial Magnetic Conductors in the Design of Low-Profile High-Gain Planar Antennas With High-Permittivity Dielectric Superstrate"[/
The curve looks plausible so far. It looks like the IGBT is destroyed by the huge overvoltage during emergency switch-off. The only way to reduce the overvoltage are soft switch-off and dynamic clamp. But they don't necessarily work for any load circuit. I wonder, if this is a realistic short circuit scenario or an artificial test setup?
It is a design of an intelligent meteorological station. It is an unusual project, able to predict the air temperature for the next 24 hours. artificial neural network was used for this purpose. The station recor
Improve battery stamina. Used in pacemakers, etc. Miniaturize devices put under the skin or in tissue or organs. To detect, monitor, deliver medication, etc. Develop artificial eyes. Connect to optic nerve Develop a way to connect severed nerves and restore electrical transmission. To cure loss of feeling, hearing, muscle control, etc.
This simple system can be used to test the power supplies of various kind. The system behaves like a resistive load, expect that on the fly, using a potentiometer we can fix any load from 10mA to 20A and this value w
Hi John, just a practical hint: simulate your amp within its application environment, i.e. as integrator, perhaps with artificial parasitics to be expected from layout. For w.c. use a steep step edge and see if you notice some ringing in the low phase margin frequency range. Even if so, it probably won't hurt. erikl
Hi; May be the reason is something like this; Consider an artificial high freq image like one pixel width color/black dots Color/Black/Color/Black In 444 it is pixel format would be Y0Cb0Cr0| Y1Cb1Cr1|Y2Cb2Cr2|Y3Cb3Cr3 If you just drop Cb and Cr component for 422 the pixel format would be like below (in standard realignment, macro pixels)
Noise is modelled in noise anaylsis (a variant of AC analysis) only. Integration of noise power has to be done manually, I presume. You can use resistors as artificial noise source in your simulation.
This is a project of linear power supply for powering HF radios. Components used in construction: 880VA transformer with two windings 15V each, wire 2,2mm rectifying bridge ? 4 diodes from computer
I think that currently the stanford university with the contribution of silicon valley are giving a 2 course in the some subject : artificial intelligence and machine learning with the best professors in the world , you have to subsrcibe in those to web site , you will get some video's home works :
Hi can anyone help me out in my project, classification ECG using artificial systeme immune. i need a code how to extract parameters from ECG signals in matlab ?