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In general, symmetry boundaries can be a very nice way to create an artificial mode filter in a structure. For example, if I take a rectangular 2D waveguide, cut if in half, and assign the plane of cut with a PEC boundary (and assign the correct impedance multiplier), then I will only be solving for odd modes that exist in the overall structure.
Hi everyone, I have a project that related to speech recognition. Firstly, I searched some sources than decided to use MFCC and artificial Neural Networks. In this algorithm we must train the system with some voices but our project leader does not want it. For example, in Nokia Phones we create "Micheal" in telephone directory, when we speak out
Microwave oven transformers are designed with artificial high leakage inductance (magnetical shunt) to achieve a high output impedance, similar to a welding transformer. Without modifying the core configuration, they aren't well suited for constant voltage supplies.
Hi, I have a project about speech recognation system which is based on MATLAB. In project progress, I'll use the neural networks in MATAB. Does anyone has article, sample code for neural networks in MATLAB ? If yes, please share with me... Regards,,,
Hello. i wish to design a co planar strip line on an artificial dielectric slab. the same i have already desinged for a parallel plate stripline, but as it is known that the width and height of the waveport is expreseed as times of width and sapcing of stripline and height of the substrate, i wish to know the guidelines on how to design when the d
Hi!, I'm an undergraduate student but i am looking for a topic for my "thesis" or undergraduate project. I study mechatronics engineering and i was thinking of doing something with artificial vision but i still don't know. :?: I want to do something really interesting but i have a low budget so I think may be you could suggest me topics. Thanks.
i have read few papers of yours about AMC ground plane. I wish to ask you few questions that i hope can clear up my mind. i) what is the reference value for S11 for AMC unit cells? In some papers i read, the S11 is smaller than -10 dB and some are bigger like -2dB (for instance). But as far as i understand, S11 is the signal from input port 1 t
I recently built a solar-based system to power a custom (low-power) wireless board. This solar system was quite simple: Solar panel --- NCP1400-based PSU --- Wireless board The whole system works well under direct sunlight. However, out of direct sunlight and even with strong indirect sunlight the solar panel is not capable to provide the min
For current mode DC-DC design, a artificial ramp is added to inductor current signal to aviod sub-harmonic oscillation. The slope compensation is chosen: 1/2*Mlartificial ramp.
There are basically two kinds of transmission line impedance matching, source side (series termination) and load side (parallel termination). As you can easily see, source series termination is preferable, because it doesn't introduce additional power dissipation. My question is How to reduce or avoid this Over and Under shoots effects in
hello everyone I read different posts about how to design wave ports and the difference with lumped ports but i haven't found the solution to my problem : I currently work on a CPWG structure i am used to simulate with wave ports (i have already checked that they are well designed) but I was told that this definition of ports creates an artif
We need to know what is your signal source and input signal level. Output signal level = ? (Gain ) and load impedance = ? and signal bandwidth = ?. Some examples you find
Hi; As i understand, if your images are pure artificial images (i mean in red picture there is only red color, no any other color component) then when you read image in Matlab you have an image mxnx3 where 3 is color components r,g,b. The non zero matrix layer gives your color on the image. (this is for first 3 of them). In the fourth one you shou
i dont think this is the right forum to discuss this. anyways are you using Simulink? Matlab7 has a Neural Network tollbox with some good demos. Please try looking up in there and Matlab help. Plus you'll need to know the terms and algorithms of artificial Neural Netwok first to deal effectively with your problem.
Hello.. am doing a paper on artificial intelligence and machine learning.. So i need a small project on AI to give more value to d paper.... PLZ can anyone suggest me d project based on "AI" and post some links.. this s ma first post.. plz help... :D note: let d project be not too complicated.. bcz am just a b.e student..
Hi I'm into a artificial nueral network design using CMOS approach .please help me how to use the S-edit thanks for your anticipation
A perfectly matched layer (PML) is an artificial absorbing layer for wave equations, commonly used to truncate computational regions in numerical methods to simulate problems with open boundaries, especially in the FDTD and FEM methods. The key property of a PML that distinguishes it from an ordinary absorbing material is that it is designed so tha
Just for general information : ( I know that it donīt answer what you want ) There are a implementation of Viterbi decoder w/ Neural Network on IEEE publications. Very intersting, but I donīt have anymore this paper at home. IEEE Xplore - An artificial neural net Viterbi decoder
Hello! The competition ?Robots intellect ? 2011″ is the first such competition in Baltic region. The aim of this event is to encourage interest in intelligent control systems, electronics, robotics, mechatronics, and artificial intelligence among World youth.Everyone is welcome to participate in an international robot competition ?Robot int
Hi there, guys I have this concept artificial intelligence algorithm to present ... can you suggest some cool algorithm for robotics applications ? Based on learning some operation or something like that ... Thanks in advance, - SQD -