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Is there any website from which we can download the executable 'ant colony algorithm'. Thanks in advance (T.V.S.R.K.Prasad)
Hi, follow the link to find the C# codes for "License Plate Recognition in CSharp" hope this will help you regards bassa Added after 2 hours 27 minutes: Hi, in additionally here you can find a paper regarding
Can somebody help me with matlab code that I can use to forecast FX rates using both artificial neural network and Hidden Marcov Model.The code should be able to take parameters such as Normalized Mean Squared Error,Mean Absolute Error,Directional Symmetry,Correct Down Trend and Correct Up Trend
Montadar, what is in the "Algorithm Collections for Digital Signal Processing Applications Using Matlab" Any thing good? see this table of contents: Contents Preface xiii Acknowledgments x Chapter 1 artificial INTELLIGENCE 1 Particle Swarm Algorithm 1 1-1 How are the Values of ‘x’
If by transient one, how to print an offset voltage? In such case I insert an artificial offset voltage (parametrized vdc source) in series with one of the inputs, then run the transient simulations sweeping the offset voltage parameter between the expected values (which you can calculate from values publis
Connect an artificial antenna (a 50 ohm resistor).
try one of the subjects: 1. digital modulation for wired and wireless applications. mathematical modelling and hadware modultion /demodulation. 2. Secure communiaction for wireless 3. artificial Intelligence interface to OS IO and security.
Typically artificial dielectric refers to older literature, while metamaterial refers to newer literature. You're not being polite or listing what you actually want. Saying you want "literature about artificial dielectrics for helping your thesis" doesn't give anyone any information. Please be specific. Do you need the classic (decades old) literat
any buddy hav knowlagde of artificial dielectric???????
Hi, I recently graduated in Electronics and Communication. I have been recruited by a Communications company where i would be joining shortly. I wanted to know what fields i could pursue my masters in, engineering and non-engineering related. Though there were a few subjects I was interested in- 1) artificial Neural Networks 2) DSP 3) In
Transient noise is now supported by many simulators which simply add to each noisy component an equivalent noise source. The source value is calculated to be equivalent to the noise properties of the component. Because in most cases the noise get comparable to the truncation noise of the simulator there are artificial boost factors which are applie
Hello, I am trying to emulate the results for EBG structures for a number of cases (see papers attached) Junho Yeo, Ji-Fu Ma, and Raj Mittra - GA-BASED DESIGN OF artificial MAGNETIC GROUND PLANES (AMGS) UTILIZING FREQUENCY-SELECTIVE SURFACES FOR BANDWIDTH ENHANCEMENT OF MICROSTRIP ANTENNAS.pdf (Figure 2b) S.Best & D.Hanna - Design
My client is urgently seeking 6 RF UMTS Tuning and Optimisation engineers. The successful candidates will have the following: • Ericsson Platform RF UMTS Tuning and optimization 4+ years exp • Must be flexible to travel. • Be able to make recommendations in parameter changes, feature activations on drive test data to improve
Hi!I am TJ....I am working on a project concerning "RFID antenna design using artificial Magnetic Conductors ". I have been using the paper......"Low-Profile RFID Tag Antenna Using Compact AMC Substrate for Metallic Objects" paper as a reference .I am using the AMC structure given in the paper to get 0 phase at 915 Mhz........i am using 5 by 2 st
Hello! Are you building an universal soldier? :D For that you must use an vision camera with an algorithm wich will determine if the object is friend or foe(an artificial inteligence algorithm). Look at the following article. PS: I hope no one will suffer :D Best regards! Venix
A symmetrical differential pair hasn't an offset. For complex parts, e.g. OP library models, sometimes an artificial offset is assumed by the simulator, but rather unlikely for a simple differential pair. So you apparently have an unsymmetry in your circuit. Remove it to get zero offset.
Dear Frinds! I use CST. Recently I start to simulate some examples of a book but my results are not the same. My field is artificial magnetic conductor. For example in time domain solver my reflection phase is zero at 6.4GHz by resylt of book is 5.8GHz. The method which is used by that book is FDTD. Do you know why the results is defferent?
Hello all' AI (artificial Intelligence ) conclude various topics AI beside GA(Genetic Algorithem) and soft computing are todays engineers tools. For introducyion I have found some good files. Hope it will be useful.
hi friends i was new to this group. we r having a plan of preparing an artificial robo guide using dsp and embedded systems. i need the help from this forum. i would like to meke my robot speak, semse, hear, see wat r the minimum things that a human being will do we wud like to implement all those.