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hi everyone, I working on a project at the school, the subject is making constant the wind speed in a tunnel (like a factory's aerating tube). for simulating the project at the presentation I decided to create the artificial wind by driving a DC motor(a propeller on it) with the MCU (by the way I'm restricted to us 89c52 MCU). I'm thinking of m
Introduction to artificial neural network by ZURADA
You can use periodical structures to realize artificial high dielectric constant substrate. But the problem with such high-K substrate electrical small antenna is low radiation efficiency, low gain, and possible narrow bandwidth, when compared with other regular substrate antennas.
my friend i do not interest in this field but see this "USING artificial INTELLIGENCE TO RECOGNIZE OBJECTS " i attached for u the abstract and the contents of a thesis of the above title.
1 3.) The most popular way is to use a combination of delay elements (artificial with ABM parts or delay lines) together with positive resp. negative resistances. These combinations are called "storistor". Does it give good results for noise analysis also?
A robot is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent. In practice, it is usually an electro-mechanical system.The word robot can refer to both physical robots and virtual software agents, but the latter are usually referred to as bots.For robotic engineers, the physical appearance of a machine is less important than the way its actions are controlle
Hello stone12345, Here is the good & hot news for you.... New design tool for metamaterials paves way for cost and size reductions in wireless products electromagnetic simulation software developed for AMULET project opens up powerful ways to decrease BOM and size of antennas, filters, phase shifters?. Oxford, UK, September 4, 2008 --- Vect
From Cadence: Defines macros in the design. CLASS Specifies the macro type. If you do not specify CLASS, the macro is considered a CORE macro, and a warning prints when the LEF file is read in. You can specify macros of the following types: COVER Macro with data that is fixed to the floorpl
No. IP3 is artificial point, actual signals do not go so far. You may use following rough estimation. Usually 1dB compression point is maximum input signal and it is roughly 10dB below IP3 point. Therefore, if you input IP3 (IIP3) is -15dBm, P1dB level will be about -25dBm. This means that your input signal range should be between this chip noise f
Decibel is artificial (non existing in nature) parameter. It can be used to express any value: ratio between voltages, currents, volumes of sales, or water usage and so on. It is just mathematical way to represent the numbers. Nobody use decibels to express water usage or financial performance, but it is possible. Technically we may express BER in
Do a few searches for "template matching" in speech recognition applications. Since you don't need continuous recognition or transcription you might not need something as complicated as Hidden Markov Models or artificial Neural Nets. Maybe you want isolated word recognition? Filterbank analysis comes to mind as does Dynamic Programming as in
Hi, In order to make the oscillator oscillate, you need a initial source. In real world a small noise do this but in simulation you should add an artificial source like a proper INITIAL VALUE FOR ONE OF CAPACITORS ( the value of IC in capacitor properties).
Hi, Rf-en: co-pol and cross-pol are artificial. You can always pick one polarization and define it as co-pol and the other one is the cross-pol. As a general tool, IE3D does not tell you which one is co-pol and which one is cross-pol because of the above reason. You need to define it by yourself. Regards.
Hi, Johnson.mike: The definition of co-pol and cross-pol are artificial. You need to decide which polarization is co-pol and the other one will be cross-pol. For example, if you decide E-theta is co-pol, then E-phi is cross-pol. or vice-versa. Regards,
Hi, If there is any combinatinol feedbacks loop present in your design then LEC wont be able to apply pattern properly. So what it does wherever it find a combinatinol feedback loop it make the corresponding cell as Keypoint like Flipflops, Primary outputs. and name it as CUT point. Cut gates are artificial gates which are inserted
For example: EMG compression Compression of EMG signals with wavelet transform and artificial neural networks Pedro de A Berger et al 2006 Physiol. Meas. 27 457-465 doi:10.1088/0967-3334/27/6/003 The compression algorithm proposed in this work uses a discrete wavelet transform for sp
Hi, can any1 sugguest an AI book that include following topics ? 1/ Fundamental concepts behind various models of neural networks. 2/ Adaptation & learning in neural networks 3/ Back-propagation, ART models, & Kohonen model 4/ Fuzzy logic: concepts & system 5/ Applications to vision, speech & motor control. Thanks in advance.:D
ir has a tremendous noise problem, natural and artificial lights are huge sources of ir noise. you can use a 18k freq signal to drive you led so by using a filter in the receptor your app is less affected by noise.
Sputnik NEC Model. In conmemoration of the 50 years of the launch of the sputnik want to share with you a sputnik NEC model i made. enjoy
Usually chose the compensation coefficient >1/2 and <1. That is, 1/2artificial ramp and M1 is slope of inductor current. If Ma/Ml is too big, it comes close to be voltage mode. If Ma/Ml is too small, it will lead to sub-harmonic oscillation.