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when we say an antenna has an impedance of 50 ohms, that means the antenna is connected to a load of 50 ohms and the load is not part of the antenna?
Hello, I am looking for is how the mobile knows which frequency or band it is using for transmission and reception? for e.g. : I am texting somebody. first the signal will go through triplexer then modulation of the signal. after that filtering of signal will take place. then it will go through power amplifier and in the last, mobile antenna
Hello All, I would like to know how the mobile knows which frequency(2G/3G/4G) it is using while communicating? for e.g. when i am moving, sometimes mobile shows it is in 3G network and sometimes in 4G network. so i want to know when mobile network switch from 3G to 4G or vice versa, what really happens inside the mobile (hardware (...)
Is it possible to have power line communication through several distribution transformer? The transceivers should be connected to 220V low voltage AC outlets with a communication link through a 11kV high-voltage line (delta-connected and without neutral) and through 11k/220V distribution transformers. Are there any commercial products available
The picture shows resistive trim networks. I am using a 0.18um CMOS process. How should I choose the NMOS switch size (W/L) for the resistive network 1 and 2 ? What criteria decides the required ON resistance for the NMOS switches ?
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Any good earbud design? and reommendation.
Hi everyone, For a project involving multiple drones communicating to a single base station, I'm looking for a chipset (or alternatively a module) that supports a star topology network (i.e. multiple transmitters sending data to a single receiver). I need quite a bit of range (about > 2 km) with antennas that aren't ridiculously large since they
Dear all, I have designed a BGR to generate a reference voltage of -0.6V. I have to design a buffer for the same now. Any leads on how I can go about it? Can i design a 2 stage op-amp that can be used as a buffer ? In that case what is the range of VICM? Are there any other better configurations? TIA - - - Updated - - -
Hi, I have a device which has a QCA6174A module like
I'm trying to use smith tool in HFSS to get a matching network. Every time I try to open smith tool, the program aborts. Has anyone encountered this? Any suggestions?
Hello my question about Transmission coefficient S21, I researched in several books and articles that it transmits in -3dB, but does not inform the following condition. When lower value better transmission? Example: better than . All material uses -3dB value, which I understand in theory that in S11, when it is lower, the better the r
Hi guys, I'm trying to build a 2-pole 2-zero compensation for a full bridge dc-dc converter. I'm using sg3525 as IC. To build the compensation network I'm following the instructions on power supply cookbook but there are two resistors which I don't know how to calculate these 2 resistors and the book isn't showing also. 157490[/
We are developing a neural network capable of detecting faults on the electronics components placed on a PCB just from a photo taken of any PCBA. We are finally in the Alpha version of it: Please feel free to take a look at our site and the current visual inspection tool: the web App[U
hi all right now am designing three phase protection circuit for that i planned to measure the voltage using resistor net work method, herewith i had attached my circuit and my volt measuring code, everything working good but in sometimes the R phase connected to AN0 pin shows high reading, kindly go through my code and give your valuable sugges
I am trying to loosely couple a coaxial resonator using two copper ribbons. My line is shorted on one end as shown here: . The lines loops are fed through a BNC to and shunted to ground near the center con
Hi, For the error "incorrect ports" in Calibre LVS hierarchical run, why do some ports appear at the top level and others at the IP level ? What is the basis for them to appear at two levels like this ? Thanks, Aditya
Hi , I encounter this difficulty when matching my off the shelf GPS antenna to 50 ohm. hope someone could tell me whats when wrong and how to debug. so the original load impedance was shown in the pic below. i have a "series-shunt-series-shunt" matching circuit before my GPS antenna. series component was replaced with 0 ohm and below are th
Hello everyone. Recently i simulated a structure using the CST microwave studio and took the s parameters from it, exported them as touchstone file and placed them inside a snp item in the schematic. This snp file has two ports only because my structure in cst had two ports only and i will work with S11,S21,S22 and S12 parameters. What i want to do
Hello I Have designed a Voltage amplifier ,i Have a high impedance on the input and low impedance on the out put. amplifier plot and its Gain responce shown bellow. if the schematics bellow there is a transimpednce amplifier design. How make our built amplifer to sense current?(as shown in the plt bellow? Thanks 156992