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Hello, I have written a Pspice program, and simulated transfer and output characteristics. I have it saved as a SPICE DECK EXAMPLE.dat file. I am supposed to try to load the data into matlab using command load '.dat' -ascii; Please how can I transfer that data into matlab so MATLAB recognises it so I can load (...)
Dear fellow members, this post is a request if someone is able to convert the two attached allegro pcb files to ascii (*.alg) or altium (*.pcbdoc) and upload or attach the converted files. I would like to use them in Altium, but unfortunally i don't have Allegro so i can't import them. Thanks for the help. Best Regards, Simon
hi everybody i have a problem with cst output file when i run my script code with FDsolver(i use floquetprot & unit cell) i got some result like " %SZmax(1),Zmax(1)% versus Passes in". i want link cst & MATLAB then it should be txt file. CST'output should be .sig file to have ascii outpot then i got error and i cant get outpot in txt file
Hello You can use file>Export>ascii plot in CST to export the data from CST and then use import data option in MATLAB for importing the data in MATLAM. good luck
If allegro PCB currently installed, check if it can open the .brd file. please note that altium can only open ascii format of allegro. so it needs allegro installed and working properly to translate binary format to ascii first. BEST
This is described somewhere in the impossible-to-find-anything-and-nearly-useless documentation in Pads, but basically create a new file, go to import, select ascii as the type, and then import your file. You should see your decal. Select the component, then go to Edit Decal. Modify the decal as you like (...)
I guess, the problem is missing knowledge of the VHDL textio package. Generally ascii formatted data files are a straightforward way to read in stimulation data. You'll read e.g. one line for each clock cycle in your testbench, and decode one or multiple values and assign it to the stimulus vector. The testbench scans the file line by (...)
Is it possible to write a script to place lines, pads and text? It is one of the main reasons I tend to use Eagle currently (I tend to automate my parts creation). I write a program to generate a script file, which can be run in Eagle. It lets me rapidly place the shapes at precise locations. I noticed DipTrace has an ascii import/Export but (...)
Hi, Pls anyone help me to convert allegro .brd board file into .alg ascii file format. Please send the procedure to translate this format. Regards Mohana
hi, please take ascii from pads file. imoport that acsii into allegro by file >import>cads translator>pads
Export the PCB file to ascii format (.asc) in PADS2005. and import that file in PADS 2007. .asc format has not changed and hence it can be opened in any version of PADS. Hope to be useful
Hi All, I'm using expedition pcb 7.9 version with dx designer. I don't have library but i need to add few parts in both sch and library. I have imported cell and parts ascii from layout into library.I don't have option to import the symbols. Can any one share if any option to exoprting the (...)
Hi, Try this way: Choose plots of desired S, click File --> Export --> Plot Data (ascii)
DXF is an ascii format for the transfer of 2D (and primative 3D) mechanical data between CAD platforms. Developed by Autodesk in the early 80's. Even though 3D is becoming the norm in mechanical design, there is still a requirement for the transfer of 2D information such as Logo's, outlines, areas etc and this is where DXF comes into its (...)
have you tried to export to ascii first and then import that into Altium?
import facilities so that circuits drawn in other CAD software work with it. Most will output some form of ascii data.
There is an import wizard that comes with Altium. Have you tried the Pads ascii import??
I am able import Allegro board file data into ascii format file valext.txt file using following command and validating Net Lengths on Microsoft excel sheet. extracta .brd valext.txt .b .p.s .r Is it possible to save back ascii data to Allegro boardfile (...)
Hi, There is no need of converter for PADS. you can export this schmatic as ascii file and import it into older version as you want.
Hi folks, I would liek to konw if you are aware of any simulation tool able to import a pattern of antenna from an ascii file and use it as source in the simulation of a scattering objetc. Thanks a lot SL