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Hello edaboard. I'm Max, I'm trying to display on LCD pressed key & there is serval issues: 1) Before pressing any key when reseting, it will show the address 0h as pressed (It shows '**' twice on the LCD when resetting). 2) Each time i press a key it shows it twice (There is 2 capacitors, one connected to KBM "104->10pF" & sec
First of all there are more than 10 years I quit working in asembler so I can't help you with code. LCD didnt show anything.. About LCD, first you have to initialize them after power ON. If you don't initialize it wright then first line of LCD will be "black". If You have black line you have to reconsider initialisation of
do you want to write it in asembler or C? If its C then you can just write your function in 2 or 3 lines. If you want it in asembler be prepared to spend a while on it. It can be done but you would have to get sum1 who is either really bored or has a lot of time on his hands or both to help you.
I wrote a small utility to help generate pic asembler code. It is posted here. Maybe of some help.
What software/platform? I wrote a very simple PWM program today, in asembler, for the PIC-12C508A. It simulated ok, tested ok, modify accordingly (to be compatible with your ports). In C it should be even simpler. Drop me a line if you want it in C. processor p12c508a include __config _WDT_OFF crtduty equ H'
Hi i want to write aprogramm in assembly to get distance from the srf04 and object but i do not know It is requisite main to make it in asembler your project? you can use a high-level language to make it like PicBasic, Mikrobasic or Pic C, so that the things are but easy
How hard could be implemetation of control algorithm in asembler and C for sensorless drive with synchronous machine? Which difficulties one can find within such a task? Suggest some literature. Thanks.
hi friends, i need the assembler manual for z80 of IAR i have demo but i would like to try something and there isnīt manual. Any one have it thanks
Hello, Does anyone have i2c routines written in asembler for pic16f84a running on 10 or 8 MHz, THAT WORK? I am trying to get these I have here to work but it's giving me bad time. As I can remember it worked on 4 MHz but at 10 MHz I get all crazy data where reading, so, I don't even know if it writes to the chip. First I need to write some da
Hello, does anybody have a nice (clean) routine for writing and reading-from an I2C memory device written for MPASM? I will use PIC16F84A, and 24LC16 (2k) device so 1-byte address will be used, but 2-byte addresses are OK too. I have this attached routine but it doesn't work :( , so if you have a nice tested one please post it here. When
I am from Poland, city-Wrocław I looking for a job as software and/or hardware engineer I write software (language C,C++,asembler) for microprocessor using microprocessors 8-bit from families MSC-51, PIC16, PIC18F4XX witch Can-Bus and 16-bit, PXA49(philips), C166 family (xc164) witch twin Can-Bus, 32-bit TLCS-900/H2 witch Can-Bus and othe
hello, i need some info on this too, info about programming/configuring this little chip with PIC16f84a maybe and asembler.
Paralax asembler is very similar to 8051 asembler. First project on SX28 I making on Scenix (Ubicom) example base, practically without reding SX programming manual.
Hi all, I learned programming PIC processors in assembler cause I don't feel very comfortable in programming them in Basic or C and to use all the time in line asembler code to get things running. I have myself no experience with C, but like to learn. As I read from many replies of valuable users it has some benefits like portable code to oth
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