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Hi, I am working as a asic Validation engineer in india with a total experience of 3yrs. I am looking for opportunities in Singapore in VLSI. If any one know source to approach companies in Singapore please share with me. If anyone knows any website or any other sources through which i can hunt from india please do (...)
Wipro HCL also doing FPGA, asic development
I'd like to know What companies in india offer Onsite opportunities in the field of asic FPGA Design and Verification..?
Added after 12 seconds: Added after 11 seconds: Ikanos Communications (india) Private Limited: Bangalore 3rd Floor Corporate Miller 332/1 Thimmiah Ro
Hi all, Can anyone help me find jobs in South Korea. Am from india, having 3+ yrs in asic design and verification. Latest project is PCI Express IP. Thanks, Gold_kiss
I want to know job prospect in following area. I mean which one is going to have more prospect in future. asic SoC analog design how is scope in india, if soem one can tell me companies working in this field. /ue