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Hi, I have a question about the fabrication cost of an asic. In this case, a bluetooth sensor node. I read some publication, 9 mm2 seems to be an adequate die area. I found a spreadsheet to calculate costs. It is really extensive: But, really complexe too.
Thanks for your feedback,so, what will be lower in cost, the winbond or an asic developed specially for toys? and which will be more applicable for mass production?
Hi I want to know best synthesis tool for asic design. From web i have listed some like 1. Design Compiler by Synopsys 2. Encounter RTL Compiler by Cadence Design Systems 3. HDL Designer by Mentor Graphics 4. TalusDesign by Magma Design Automation I know it might be difficult to say best because it might depends on what to implemen
I would imagine most in not all of the IC's used to say a few words or play a melody for toys are asic's developed for the toy companies. Does anyone know of a low cost device (IC) that says a few words or plays a simple melody, that the end user can program?
Hi, I am working as an asic design engineer and wanted to know how much profit in terms of $ a company makes on die size reduction, let's say by 1mm sq? The technology node used is 28nm. Can anyone point me to some docs/articles around the same? Thanks
Hi there, My FPGA-based portable HDMI video-recorder project is done and the prototype works ok (well sort of...). Next step now is going to mass production. A convertion from FPGA to asic is required and this could require some time. considering the possibility of mass-producting this prototype: this will surely cost some $$$ On the market s
FPGA vendors provide free tools, but I think if you are going to spend thousands and thousands thousands of dollars (or Euros or Shekels or whatever) to fabricate an asic, you don't want to scrimp on your tools.
83179 Triad Semiconductor,, makes configurable mixed signal asic solutions. We are now making available an easy to use and low-cost mixed-signal design environment called ViaDesigner. You can get a 30-day free
I was hoping someone can give me an idea of the list price for a few standard asic dev tools. Such as Synopsys DC and Primetime and Cadence RTL Compiler and Encounter SOC I know the actual paid price can be significantly lower and varies depending on # of seats etc. I see this has been a forum topic in the past but not for several years. I'
Hi, I'm a PhD student working at a university and we wish to set up a designated asic design workstation in our lab. We're kinda new to this stuff, but we've been playing around with the Mentor Graphics IC Flow/ADK etc, which we have access to. We have been writing VHDL and simulating it for quite a while. Now we wish to do a full asic flow for
check this 90nm easic Nextreme Look-up Table Architecture | easic Corporation
My project need to generate a low frequency clock for asic use from external high frequency clock input. So there must be a frequency division. As far as I know, it can be implemented with counter(the clock skew and driver capacity are OK?) and PLL, but don't know which one is more cost-efficient. The internal clock is supposed to be precise, can
Hi. 1.I am wondering what a typical time-to-market estimate is for mixed signal asic design based on existing IP components. 2. Also once the asic design is done. How long does it usually take to set up production? 3. I realize that this may vary a lot from design to design. What have you experienced? Thanks! -Stian
Hi, Can anybody tell me challenges involved in design, fabrication, testing of High temperature range chips. I found that high temperature range chips (-55 degC to 150degC temp. range) are quite costly ( more than >10 times ) as compared to their industrial versions. Why cost of these chips high? Is it because of lesser yeild or higher testing c
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- innovation: 32-Channel DDCs/64-Channel DDCs The core is based on a novel channelisation architecture, which provides the flexibility traditionally associated with DDC cores and asic devices, but with significantly greater silicon efficiency,It Can be integrated
Hi, What would be the cost per IC in terms of dollars for the following: 1. CPLD 2. FGPA 3. asic 4. Full custom Thanks!
Hi I am designing an application specific CMOS op-amp which has very stringent requirements. I am starting with a basic 2-stage topology Some of the requirements would be : 1. Unity gain Bandwidth > 500MHz (Also in feedback my opamp needs to have a 3dB Bandwidth of > 25MHz) 2. High gain >75dB 3. Another very important requirement of my de
Hi, there are different kind of costs. First the so called NRE (non-recurring engineering) cost for hdl coding, verification, software licenses ... . And second the costs per unit. In the case of an digital asic these cost depends on the silicon area, packaging and e.g. license cost (...)
On my asic design, I need to use up to: 1. 5~10kByte of non-volatile memory (8-b) 2. 2~10kByte of volatile memory (8/16-b) The design runs at minimum frequency of 50MHz, and frequent access will be operated onto these memories (Read for non-volatile, Read n Write for volatile memory) Is it better to purchase external memory components to
That is a very broad question. The first question is to know how many of these chips do you want? One? A dozen? Fifty million? Designing an asic will give you the cheapest chip to manufacture (small), the most flexible packaging options, the lowest power and the highest speed. It will also cost you a *lot* of money to design and to fabricate t