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so i am going to choose my graduation project and i am going to make with the help of a team of course a wifi chip or i dont know what it's called but it's something like the esp8266so i am going to choose my graduation project and i am going to make with the help of a team of course a wifi chip or i dont know what it's called but it's something li
Is this an asic or an FPGA design?
Hi guys, I'm a B.E(ECE) student passed out in 2012. And also i have finished a VLSI Design/Verification course just now. But i could not find any openings in this field. I have also completed 3 projects during the training period. Which includes both Design and Verification. Please suggest me some companies for getting
Hi Rakesh, The following books are useful for PD First read the book thoroughly, you will get good knowledge on PD Follow the blogs All the best
Im university student and following processor design course I've to design asic for electronic ticket issuing machine I feel trouble for these, 1. how to draw block diagram for this processor 2. what are necessaory component inside the processor 3. VHDL code for Xilinx 13.2 already I have design a ISA like, Instruction Set OP-Code (hex)
You would also use the Core Generator if you want to design a re-useable block that will be used in both asics and FPGAs. Then you can easily replace the instantiation of the generated core with a compiled memory from the asic vendor's library. Of course, with that in mind, you could have also written your inferred FPGA memory in a (...)
hi priya please go through this
Hi as a part of my course work I am conducting a (short) survey of flows and methodologies used in asic/FPGA industry. I would request the veterans of the industry to take the survey. While I cannot promise an Iphone or an IPAD to the first 10 res
Hi all! I have an asic design where I want to implement the classical two-flip-flop reset synchronization. The clock is generated on chip, the reset is an external signal. The FFs have asynchronous set/reset inputs. Of course, I put the synchronization flip-flops in the same clock domain as all other FFs. What this gives me is that the reset
Hi, I have a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Electronics and Communications which has provided me with a rich knowledge base directly related to this position, and I have also completed a course in VLSI back end design , Through my education and experience, I have developed strong supervisory and leadership skills and excellent communication skil
hey check the below can get idea on asic
Personally I feel rv vlsi is not a that good institute for training purpose. The tools used are good though, but there are not trained and specialized faculties( a couple of them are having good experience in industry but no teaching skills !!!) ... I went there for PG Diploma in asic dsn and suffered like anything without proper guidance... So, I
hi 1. there are many company out there use FPGAs 2. im not sure but i think u can use C/C++..see NIOS II Altera document. and of course you must know VHDL and Verilog if you gonna take serious in FPGA.. :) 3. you can start by looking at these links WELCOME TO WORLD OF asic FPGA C
Hello every one i am D.S.S.N.RAJU (Tech) VLSI student searching for VLSI asic based job can any one suggest the openings or companies, get the job after completion of my course . and my mail id is can anyone refer job for me
I work in asic Functional verification. I have seen VLSI Mtech Syllabus of some collages. None of them meet Todays industry requirements in Functional verification. It takes minimum 6 months to learn complete functional verification. May be this is the reason , functional verification is not thought completely in Mtech. I have seen ma
Hi, I am the beginner of asic design. Who can tell me what is implant layer?
I think you need some basic introduction course/book/webpage.
Hi, We have launched an advanced asic and FPGA courses in Nagercoil, TamilNadu. Please login as guest to see the course syllabus at Flash based study materials, Computer aided lcd projected training. courseware designed and conducted by industry expert with 11+ years experience