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Hello, I have been an engineer in asic/Frontend for 7 years. I have to moved to another location which gave me a daily job with so so salary. With my spare time at night and weekend, is there any available job offering online ? I can work in Verilog design, verification, synthesis and timing analysis. Contact me in case you have an (...)
Hello all, I would like to learn about asic design/verification. What basic books I can start from? My background is computer engineering. Thanks in advance
If I have to suggest few topics for asic verification on FPGAs Are you sure about the above statement? Or do you mean - If I have to suggest few topics for asic implementation on FPGAs. i.e. testing that a design works on silicon before it is mass produced in the form of asics.
synthesizable VIP (or accelerated VIP as some vendors call it) are IPs that can be synthesized into emulators/FPGA to support verification. Advantage of using them is you can provide real time test stimulus to your synthesized design in FPAG/asic. You can search accelerated VIP and you can find many examples of the same. Hope this helps.
To my weak knowledge in this field, the verification skill has become increasingly requested for the asic jobs, perhaps due to the increasing complexity of the circuits, and SystemVerilog came to meet this demand.
If one works into asic design in front end. How long roughly will take for him/her to work in FPGA design for front end? What kind of changes will be there between front end design for FPGA and asic?
Hi All, Can you through some insights on asic/FPGA design and verification jobs availability in CANADA for an immigrant with 4 Years of experience. Thanks in advance.
Aadi Semicon is offering internship for under grads/fresh grads & post grads in Advance VLSI. Please check below link:
Hello everyone, I am a ECE graduate and I did a 6 month PG DIPLOMA in asic design and verification from NIELIT, Calicut. I am currently looking for an entry level job in the same domain, but have had no luck. Will appreciate if I can get any guidance and helpe with the people on this website. TECHNICAL (IT) SKILLSET (...)
Hi, If you want to be :- asic design Engineer :- Learn Verilog, Digital design Concepts, STA, Should have hands on experience with good simulators like NC-Verilog(Cadence), VCS(Synopsis), QuestaSim(Mentor Graphics), ISE/Vivado(Xilinx) etc. verification Engineer :- Verilog, System Verilog, STA, Experienced in Simulators (...)
I am about to finish my Master's in Electrical Engg with Digital Communications specialization in Canada. I have good knowledge of DSP, MATLAB, FPGA design using Verilog, verification using System Verilog. I have an experience of about six years (five years in Hardware testing and one year in asic verification) outside (...)
Hi guys, I'm a B.E(ECE) student passed out in 2012. And also i have finished a VLSI design/verification course just now. But i could not find any openings in this field. I have also completed 3 projects during the training period. Which includes both design and verification. Please suggest me (...)
If the purpose of your FPGA design is only functional verification - why do you insist on running at such a high frequency? Just synthesize your final design on the FPGA and make sure it functions properly. Than do a thorough timing analysis on your asic synthesis tool. With your RTL code being the same, everything (...)
A number of superb opportunities are available within a IC start-up that will involve you in every stage of the design process, from specification, through tape-out to final product delivery. The right individual will be a highly competent designer capable of working on all stages of the asic flow and coordinating design (...)
Hi.. am pursuing M.Tech in VLSI. I wish to know which asic domain has bright future..?? front end, physical design or verification..???
In india... there is no as such asic design jobs...... In asic design....what we do in india is the verification job...asic functionality is implemented in FPGA (by some other company or third party)...and we test that functionality using VHDL or verilog testbenches... or other (...)
You have to take vlsi specialization in post graduation courses.. in that again front end and back end design is there according to your choice.. learn mainly vhdl, verilog, asic, digital design is basis of all. for verification system verilog, system c so on... once you get into the field you get to know all these stuff. (...)
Hi I am looking for asic design verification job. I have Knowledge on SYSTEM VERILOG VERILOG TESTBENCH METHODOLOGY (UVM) Kindly contact me if any openings @
VLSI front end refers to design Field. RTL design, VHDL/Verilog designs, FPGA/asic designs etc. verification is Post Simulation task. Usually its a back end step. - - - Updated - - - All the tasks between front end design(till simulation step) and actual chip fabrication (...)
what is yield in asic testing? Can anyone explain in detail with example?