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Hi, What is RTL signoff. Where is this step(s) done in FPGA/asic design flow - after synthesis and before place and route or elsewhere? Is there any free tool available for the same? Thanks, Hobbyiclearner.
Cannot directly answer your question as I have never done STA on a latch based design. In asic designing, within the design team, if you give a synth. design containing latches (which is not intended) the dft engineer should be shouting back at you! Better to fix such issues at the design stage and then go for STA and other asic design (...)
According to my thinking process................ Q.Why we don't insert dft at the time of RTL Design in asic design flow? Ans. At the time of RTL design, we are not aware with the hardware it is going to produce. dft deals with testing manufacturing defects. So , in order to test the design we need to know the real hardware of the design. (...)
is RTL coding different in asic than FPGA ?
Hi all : I synthesized a VHDL design and the post-layout (without SDF annotation) simuation is working. But when I tried to do back-annotated simulation of the design using Nc-sim by reading SDF file (generated by Design compiler) , I observed that clock signal is sampling the glitch instead of capturing the data. This occured beca
Well, the typical asic implementation stage involves other as well other than what you have written. In the industry, typically asic implementation involves the following: 1. PLDRC * optional LVMEMBIST Insertion some companies prefer rtl level Membist insertion some prefer to insert in netlist 2. CDC 3. Synthesis 4. STA (pre-layout) 5. (...)
Here's an old Atmel Application Note on asic Design Guidelines. S. pp. 35 ff: 75192 And here another one on Scan Insertion and ATPG Development via Synopsys TM Test Compiler : 75193 Don't know if this may be helpful?
I've read the book Advanced asic Chip Synthesis: Using Synopsys? Design Compiler? Physical Compiler? and PrimeTime?, Second Edition, and in chap 8 there contents for dft, but after typing some of the commands in dc_shell(ver B2008.09), I found almost all of them are not supported by this new version, like: check_test create_test_clock set_test_h
What do you suggest to stay current with asic, dft, and other technical stuff while being out of work. Hardware tools are not available over the Internet to practice, what one can do to stay current? Thanks.
Hi folks, I am an international student and graduate from Carnegie Mellon last December. I am looking for asic related job, such as digital engineer, hardware designer or dft designer. If you have opening in your companies or from friends', please leave your message or mail me I appreciate your help, have a good
Hello Friend, dc_shell-t indicates dftC in turbo mode in which 'set_scan_signal' can not be used instead use 'set_dft_signal'. 'set_scan_signal' will be accepted only dftC in DB mode
Hi All, We are looking for Junior asic/VLSI Engineer. It is a permanent opportunity for a R&D center of a US company in Singapore. Responsibilities: • Design and verification of blocks Requirements: • BSEE + 1 year experience • Proven experience with VLSI environment (Linux , simulators) • Knowledge in veri
try this one in ur source netlist (if it suits)
Can anyone suggest me a good book on asic verification that covers all aspects of verification methodologies. Thanks in advance.
Hello Friend, Clear information is given in the following weblocations. Learn jtag in 30 mins. Budumuru Added after 36 minutes: Or elase give me a test
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Hi, asic Flow: FPGA Flow: Pavlos
i m searching job in vlsi front end asic digital design flow. i have completed 6th month training in vlsi front end and my project based on dft if any one can help me, please help me. my email id:- phone no :- 09379085298
hallo, i'm beginning my project of chip layout design(full custom asic).the vhdl codes were already functionally verified and what i need now is to start the chip design with vhdl codes as my design entry.can someone explain me the common flow step by step from vhdl codes until chip layout?? thx in advanced bruno
Hi, One ebook here with the link: rgds, sp3