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Hi every body Any one know project about ask modulation and demodulation or data slicer i want used it in design of UHF RFID reader
No, you cannot demodulate an ask signal using a down-conversion mixer. The simplest demodulator is to use an envelope detector (diode) and a comparator.
Hello, I'm intersetd to find out more about the demodulation of noisy Amplitude Shift Keying (ask) modulated signal. If I have singal that is modulated using ask and I'm sending it over the channel with very high white noise (making the SNR at the receiver very low ~ 0dB), how should I perform demodulation? I'm learning (...)
have you a specification of the requirements, .e.g. target system, baud rate, levels of ask, carrier frequency, etc
Spectrum lab is excellent! I can see there is a plugin to demodulate I/Q. I have not used it extensively but I hope you could connect directly the outputs of an image reject mixer to the stereo input of a PC soundcard to recover and filter the audio. I would like to ask you if there is any plugin for the inverse process, i.e to create an audio
Hello, I have written a matlab code for ask modulation and demodulation. I have taken 1 bit at a time, modulated tat bit, added noise to it and demodulated that bit to recover the original data bit. I need to modify this code for all the bits present in the data sequence.... I have to repeat the above steps for 10 bits... How to do tat.. kindly
Hi everyone. I am trying to implement an Amplitude shift Keying ask modulation and (synchronous)demodulation in Matlab,I have to use a PLL at the receiver end for demodulation.The task is to read a hexadecimal file (attached) and convert it to a binary stream. the binary stream is the modulated with a carrier frequency of (...)
Hi there, I am studying how bad is demodulation in case of not having a real match filter as the first block in the reception of the signal. do you know where could I find curves which take into account this error in the filter?? The only curve I found is the teoretical one and I guess, its behaviour is not the same Thanks in advance!!
Check this
Hi, Hm, I think it depends. Are you trying to extract an analog audio signal from the wav files, or is it actually digital data modulated with ask or FSK? Regards, Chris
clc; clear all; disp('M-Array ask Modulation') %create a random digital message M=input ('M= '); %alphabet size x=randint(input('Number of binary bit stream = '),1,M); nsample=40; %oversampling rate. %% %% %use M-ask modulation to produce y y=modulate(modem.qammod(M),x); %% %follow with rectangular pulse shaping. ypulse=rectpulse(y,n
Look at this simulink(matlab 7.0 or later) model: qpsk_fb_symbol_sync_fb_phase_sync_agc_2008_05_15.rar and ask questions...
see this general PSK type . you can modify it to ask , it is very simple clc; clear all; disp('M-Array PSK Modulation') %create a random digital message M=input ('M= '); %alphabet size x=randint(input('Number of binary bit stream = '),1,M); %% nsample=40; %oversampling rate. %% %% %use M-PSK modulation to produce y y=modulate(modem.
What do you mean by "the modulation should be decoded according to the used standard"? The signal is more or less a filtered (lowpass + highpass) ask-signal (which uses FM0 code as specified in the UHF-RFID-standard DIN 18000-6b btw, if that's of interest). It just uses two amplitudes, A and -A, which is why I so far used the zero
this type of code is hard to find, because the code generally is proprietary. Does any one have a working Verilog code/ algorithm for envelope detection, phase discriminator and/or frequency discriminator? I already have a working code for demodulation of ask and FSK but i dont think they'd work for their analog counterpart. Tha
Most use a load pull method to make ask as seen from the reader side. It is possible that the ask tone is changed in frequency or phase to produce a modulated subcarrier. I suspect that this is rarely done.
I have a couple of Wenshing Rx/Tx modules for data communication, working in the 433Mhz band. Wenshing datasheets say they're ask modulation, but I think they may specifically be OOK (no carrier during tranmission of zero) Due to low-power requirements I need the transmitter module to be off the most of the time, but the problem arises when t
Hi all, I heard that people in Japan and USA can utilize the signal sent out by observatories so as to calibrate their clock or watch. I wonder if it is really the case? I just know the signal is in ask format. Anyone have the details of the signal? Frequency, power......etc. Also, any suggestion on the demodulation circuits? Thanks a
How to program a VHDL to implement demodulation of AM, FM, PM, PSK, QPSK, PCM, FSK, ask, CDMA.. on FPGA (Xilinx) could anybody give me some advice, CORDIC or some other algorithms are appreciate, thx in advance.