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#Spectre #Cadence I was not able to get the pole frequency from DCop values of a simple circuit. I need to use the DCop values in order to verify my calculations used to govern my design process. This is also kind of required, or at least much welcomed in my thesis. Also knowing from where the performance limitation are coming from, has a huge v
Hi, Then use a caliper gauge. If you don't have one, ask your neighbour or a mechanic. You may also do a google search for pictures. From the pictures (and the informations on their internet sites) you may find out manufacturer and type. Then look for the datasheets and compare the informations with your switch. Klaus
You're correct on the face of it. However it would take more research to get the entire story. * Example, to find out whether the original author gave permission for his work to be included among other works uncredited. * Example, did the presumed guilty party ask an assistant to find an article about Zeta converters, which then found its way
No upset. Just limited time. I shouldn't ask.
Hi, Can I ask: Isn't the diode also for Vbe temperature compensation? I'm sure I've seen AC amplifiers with diode at base like that in tutorials and some bjt app note or other, not just in emitter leg or reverse biased on base to ground.
Hello all...i am also on the research but i want to ask also here at the same if Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF can handle intelc7th gen cpu? thanks
Ohh ok thanks . . here local shops provide wires on the basis of MM millimeter . . So what should I ask for in that case ? please guide First, you should check the current consumption of the motor then search which copper area ( mm^2) should be used to prevent voltage drops across the cable. There are tables in the
Feel welcome to ask at this public forum. Of course it's your choice if you you wish to maintain secrecy about certain aspects of your project. Review forum guidelines under the Rules tab.
I have used it in a new product design, ask me a few weeks later. The application focus isn't extending the bus length but improving the noise immunity.
I would like to ask your opinion regarding NMOS test-bench as a varactor (voltage control capacitor). I am trying to find the properties of Vg,W for achieving a 200 capacitor. Here is my test-bench : 159353 Calculated C using AC analysis, where - C = I/(V*2*pi*f), I = NMOS-Gate point and V = voltage on gate net. Is t
Hi, the datasheet tells you all you need. Additionally there are countless threads here about IR21xx and how to drive MOSFETs. And even more in the internet. Millions I assume. And almost every single one should tell the basics. No need to find a special one. And the manufacturer provides additional inofrmations like application notes,
Hello, I have designed a branch line coupler on ads. I'm trying to match the ports to 50 ohms. I would like to ask what is the difference between "Zin" and "impedance" showed on ADS? (i added screenshot) 159303 159304 thank you
Now i wanted to drive 21 bulbs in parallel.But i have only 12v volatge source. May I ask why you wanted to drive the 21 lamps in parallel? Any special reason? Let us know. Best (most optimum in terms of power or energy efficiency) will be to have groups of 3 lamps in series with a series resistor: the series resistor value can be c
Hi, I see no question, I see no problem. So why do you post? In case you need help, please read forum rules. And read how to ask questions to get fast and best feedback. Klaus
Hi, I would have thought so as lithium is still lithium whether 30mAh or 10,000mAh. I don't think 'intrinsically safe' is proportional to size. This 30mAh cell has the same kind of charging and discharging requirements as any other such as temperature range and max. charge voltage and current. Is a small exposion or fire safer than a big one? ;) Y
I'd like to ask whether using comma works differently from using 'or'Same. However synthesized results might be different. ?,? is recommended, since inside ?()? is Sensitivity List.
We have lots of power quality issues related to grid voltage like fluctuation, sag, swell, harmonics, etc. In my opinion, a single-phase PLL cannot track Angle correctly in this situation. A simple method to implement PLL through software is using Park transform and Moving Average Filter to filter out the mentioned noises. There are many oth
Well, if your new machine can not use proprietary/binary format, ask your customers or your PCB designers to generate p&p file in format that your new machine accepts.
I meant spectre's cadence.No. Such terminology does not exist. Use correct terminology. Can I ask where I should put in the keyword spectre -h vsource?Unix command line. If you would like to enter it in CIW, enter ?system(?spectre -h vsource?)?.
hi, i am working with proteus simulation of stm32 microcontroller along with stm32cube which generates C code using keil compiler. attached are screenshots i wanted to ask why the C code files generated by Proteus for stm32 microcontroller using keil compiler is different from the C code files generated by stm32cube with