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Hi every one thats my question for data communication. The link must carry data at 700kbps and operate at a centre frequency of 740MHz. use the following modulation schemes (4-ask, BPSK ,8PSK , QFSK ,8FSK ,16QAM). i need to use matlab to create a model of the various options so that i can test the performance of relation to b
Hello, I have written a matlab code for ask modulation and demodulation. I have taken 1 bit at a time, modulated tat bit, added noise to it and demodulated that bit to recover the original data bit. I need to modify this code for all the bits present in the data sequence.... I have to repeat the above steps for 10 bits... (...)
Hi everyone. I am trying to implement an Amplitude shift Keying ask modulation and (synchronous)demodulation in matlab,I have to use a PLL at the receiver end for demodulation.The task is to read a hexadecimal file (attached) and convert it to a binary stream. the binary stream is the (...)
1) Design an Amplitude modulator for the case of double side band suppressed carrier usingsimulink. your topic title is ask matlab code! this means amplitude shift keying modulation !!!!
clc; clear all; disp('M-Array ask modulation') %create a random digital message M=input ('M= '); %alphabet size x=randint(input('Number of binary bit stream = '),1,M); nsample=40; %oversampling rate. %% %% %use M-ask modulation to produce y y=modulate(modem.qammod(M),x); %% %follow with rectangular pulse (...)
Hello everyone.. I am a newbie in this forum.. I would just like to ask if anyone have already work on modeling powerline communication system using digital modulation in matlab? Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
hi, I need to simulate alamouti STBC in lognormal channel using ask modulation. please can someone assist especially with the lognormal channel as I need to find the BER perfomance (in matlab)
function askd(g,f) %modulation ask %Example: %askd(,2) objectId=14328&objectType=FILE if nargin >2 error('Too many input arguments') elseif nargin ==1 f=1; end if f<1; error('Frequency must be bigger than 1') end t=0:2*pi/99:2*pi; cp=;sp=; mod=;mod1=;bit=; for n=1:length(g); if g(n)==0;
I dont think you can have a matlab code for this, ready and waiting, just for you to ask for it. Search it on th internet or try
hello, Hey friends.. I need matlab code for digital modulation techniques... like ask, PSK, BPSK, DPSK, QAM, QPSK, etc... If you have that, Please post that... Advance tnxs to you
i need matlab programs of ask,bpsk,fsk,dpsk,qpsk etc. of digital communications.
Hi all, How to construct is any block diagram or example available on ask modulation using matlab/Simulink... Many Thanks
Hi I am new to matlab... can i have some pointers on how can i simulate some baseband coding methods with ask modulation ' 1. 1 out of 256 2. RZ coding 3. Manchester coding cheers