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MAX2828 from Maxim it's a transceiver for 5.8GHz band, but you can use just the receiver. For your demo board, you can ask Maxim for free samples.
See these I have the
Hello, I have been using a simple 433 MHz ask RF module for some time to transmit data between one TX and one RX. Now I have a requirement where I will need 2 TX module and 4 RX modules, where each TX module will communicate with 2 RX modules. The entire setup will be placed for testing in the same room. In the software side; I am going to us
Typically OOK/ask TX/RX modules like the units you've purchase require the implementation of some method of software encoding scheme, like Manchester encoding, to transmit and receive reliably in real world conditions. Which is why most applications utilized transceivers with encoding provided by the hardware in the transceiver module. (...)
Hi. I just want to ask about the handshake procedure for HI-SPEED mode of the EVBUSB3300-EZK. My problem is that I do not receive the setup packet after the 3 valid KJ chirps. What could possibly be the problem? And also, it seems that when I try to set the transceiver into FULL SPEED mode and the device moves on to the KJ chirping, the Host contin
Hi! I'd like to ask what is the difference between the PWM signal produced from a function generator and a PWM signal produced by a PIC microcontroller. I am trying to produce PWM signals to drive a DC motor. This PWM signal is fed to the motor driver through a octal transceiver 74LS245. But when I try to drive it using t
Hello, we are designing an LTE transceiver system. we are in system level design phase. Before starting system simulation using ADS program, I want to ask do we need to search for the specs for the whole system only or we need the specs for every block that we will design too. Thank you for your help.
Building an RF remote control | bOtskOOl Transmiter & Receiver at 315,418, 433.92 (434) Mhz SAW Resonator ask Modulation
hello, I need some sources for the max232mje which is a military temperature range version of the max232. I have found one on ebay but they ask 50$ for one chip!
hello all I want to ask about electronic circuit of data transceiver follows. 433MHz_Data_TRX.gif I will use it to send the signal from Dout in IC HT12E to Din in IC HT12D. is there anything that needs to be improved from the series or not. what is the
It is very dependent on the adapter itself, if the IrDA is compatible transceiver module with ask/TV Remote, then you should have no problem (back in time I have tried a lot of stuff), else you should write your own driver, replacing the adapter's driver, yet this is adapter dependent, because most IrDa are designed to be used over known devices s
hii all. it's my first topic here, i am very glad to see such fourm. i intent to build ask transceiver but i couldn't find KSP10 in my city can anybody help me to find a Replacement or Equivalent of KSP10 UHF Transistor?
Dear All, Can anyone share sample program in C (keil uvision) to receive string serially. I can send array of character (string) from PC, but i do know how to read it in the MCU. Thanks a lot for any help. Regard, yratman.
hello there!. I am new here and i would like to ask some of your ideas about my project laser transceiver. I am using lasers to communicate two PCs. This is a group project and we already had the hardware design but i was stuck on how to program the Microcontroller. I really don't have enough knowledge in software. any help would be much
Probably its easier to ask: What are the similarities between antenna, transceiver and duplexer? None
Hi All, i would like to ask... For cc1000 (RF transceiver), the operating voltage (Vcc) should be 3.3V. However, if i try to use AT89S52 to interface with the RF chip, would it be affected the I/O pins of cc1000 since the I/O pins of 8051 MCU is either 5V or 0V, provided that the voltage supply of cc1000 is only 3.3V. Same concern would be
hi guys! i just want to ask if anyone knows how to simulate wireless transmission in spectre. some friends told me to use spectre RF. but i did not find a way how to simulate wireless full duplex communication of my transceiver. any one knows how? thanks in advance. - al :)
i wanna know is there ne ?c which has an inbuilt ask/FSK RF transeceiver. and by inbuilt i mean to say that like we use USART as a peripheral ang directly write to its registers in a ?c like in ATMEGA ?c is there any ?c which has an inbuilt RF transceiver whiich has its registers and v can communicate directly by writtnig to its registers.
Hi Your question is unclear, I dont know if you are looking for a product from your maker or your are asking about a way to modify an existing circuit in a way which only can be used within certain distance? If your case is the first, you can ask directly to your maker, I think they will be pleased to explain about it. If your case is the seco
You need to ask for for datasheet and sign an NDA before get it.