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I would suggest that you ask at matlab Answers. They are probably better equipped for this kind of question. Though I don't remember if you have to own a license to ask questions there, if you do they have always been very helpful in my experience. Regards
Sorry, Im busy today. You'll have to do your own work or ask more specific questions.
From my small point of view my first question would be to ask if you have considered using the Pythagorean theorem. If you haven't yet, then that is your answer. So, something like d = sqrt((y1-y2)^2 + (x1-x2)^2). If your question is way deeper than that then I suggest you be a little more specific.
I haven't used the Altera one as such. It was a filter generated using matlab's vhdl coder that caused a problem and was un-synthesisable. You'd better ask someone else about this. I have a much much older version of matlab. I doubt its supported anymore.
Hi everyone I wanted to ask if anyone knows a method of doing a thermal analysis in a PCB board, with lets say two or three components, using matlab. Something like the image just want to study the method and/or equations governing the simulation so i am not looking to create s
Hi Everyone, I would like to ask on how to construct a Wye-Wye with Delta Tertiary Winding Autotransformer using single-phase transformers.. If you can provide a single-line diagram for it will be very helpful.. I am currently using matlab software and however there is no autotransformer block to comply with the (...)
hey this is urgent please give it a look and reply ASAP!! i am working with fpga. I intend to transmit data between PC and fpga using lpt parallel communication i want to this possible to send data in parallel mode using lpt and JTAG ports?? i know UART code has to be used at the fpga end and i am using matlab at the pc (...)
Hi I would like to ask for some help on using genetic algorithms for a classification problem and how to use genetic algorithms to find optimal neural network architecture and how can I do this in matlab. Thank You
Hi i would like to ask anyone who can solve my problem, i have a fuzzy control logic in my simulation... i want to implement it with DSP... i have difficulty to transfer the Fuzzy logic controller to DSP because the fuzzy that i use is by using fuzzy logic controller tool box in the matlab.... can anyone help me with this problem.... (...)
Dear all I am using 'serial' command to send bytes in matlab I want to ask is that how to send arrray through serial port ? can anyone help?
Has anyone here has worked on inverted pendulum control. I need to ask the commands to be used for showing the motion of pendulum in imageviewer.
Hey has anyone here worked upon "Inverted pendulum control using pid controller" in matlab?? I need to ask how can we show the pendulum moving in matlab window?
dear all i ask about how i can do correlation between two image for same object using matlab depend on code not existed function because after understanding this point i will implement it on FPGA wait your reply thanks
well,ask this question from 1 of our notorious teacher sahibzada MUHAMMAD ALI....he will really satisty you............
What is the point of using the solved prefix when you ask a question? Edit your message and set the prefix selector to no prefix. Alex
Guyz,just want to ask how can i insert the data in an excel file and output those data in a text box in matlab GUI? Coz when i use xlsread command,it only outputs those cells that has numbers.. i.e. i have example.xls and its data are as follows.. Name Adress Tel.No. person1 place1
I have used Altera DSP Builder 10.1 with Simulink matlab to make one model which will compile a Quartus II project. However, when I compliling the design using Signal Compiler block there is a error which require a license for Altera DSP Builder. How can I solve this problem? Where can I ask this license? I have check in Altera's website,
This can be helpful matlab Central - File detail - ask, OOK, FSK, BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK modulations.
Hi everyone, I'm a master student of Government Technological University(Thanlyin) , Yangon, Myanmar. I want to ask equations about my thesis. My thesis title is "Design and Implementation of DSP based Active and Passive Filter synthesis using matlab". So , How do my thesis start ? Please give me any ideas. Thanks for all.[
Hello people, how much is the error figure you achieved? I am also working in this area; for any support, please ask. Regards, Lupin
hi i think you have to use the different database to detect the eyelids suppose some image is positive & some of negative image using this idea you can easily detect the eyelids and you are not suppose to ask about code all the best
hello, i want to ask about how to implement clock sampling error using matlab i tried to use resample but it dosen't suit my requirements
Hello, I am doing a project in a matlab with using a nntool. I have to recognize separate letters in voice signal with using SOM. I am new to the speech recognition and I want to ask for some help. My idea is that I load a recorded voice signal(a,b,c,d,...) to the matlab, use floating window with some exact (...)
why don't you start with it and ask us for help if you are stuck?
1) Design an Amplitude modulator for the case of double side band suppressed carrier usingsimulink. your topic title is ask matlab code! this means amplitude shift keying modulation !!!!
Hello everyone.. I am a newbie in this forum.. I would just like to ask if anyone have already work on modeling powerline communication system using digital modulation in matlab? Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
hi, I need to simulate alamouti STBC in lognormal channel using ask modulation. please can someone assist especially with the lognormal channel as I need to find the BER perfomance (in matlab)
Hello Friends, I'm using Logitech QuickCam Orbit/Sphere and I have the next problem if I set in matlab: src.TiltMode = 'manual'; src.PanMode = 'manual'; src.Tilt = 10; src.Pan = 10; my camera just turns in left side, but not to down if I only set src.Tilt = 10; than it turns I want to ask what is
Dear akmirror in the following yahoo group, there are some persons doing this work as a PhD students, so that you can ask them:
Hello mates, I wanna ask that how can i send data from matlab to Atmega8(uC) through serial port using RF transmitter and receiver. I want to know how can i encode the signal in matlab and decode it at the Atmega end? thanx
hi friends.. i am starting a project on power conservation in wireless sensor networks..... i have planned to do the simulation using matlab..... the problem is i do not know how to create a network..... sorry to ask such a basic question... but i am new to matlab.... can anyone help... thanks in advance
i have been requested to simulate the FSK modulator by using matlab...i have no idea how to start the work... OK, i have study about the ask and FSK....i know the FSK can produce by combined the ask waveform and added together with summing amplifier, how true is my statement? Below is the sketch of the
my task ask to write an algorithm for filtering random noise for eeg signal.. i want to do butterworth, bandpass filter...can any body help me... and one more thing...can anybody explain this algorithm one by one....and how to improve the filter? please...i'm new to matlab... v=.01 f=100; fs=5000; t=0:1/fs:.03 (...)
hi all,i ask if any body have a fortran code of plane wave using FDTD calculating of phase of reflected wave from EBG or any cell ,i need it so so much for my studying thanks so much
Is that how your matrix is supposed to look? I can't tell what you are trying to ask.
hi all,i ask if any one have patch simulation using FDTD code under matlab,it will help me more to understanding FDTD theory thanks so much
I have been asked to generate an ask signal using matlab..i thought if anyone could help, i would be really thankful.. actually i am not too sure how to am kind of stuck. thanks guys !!
check edaboard search there are lots of info . I do not want to repeat things already said. If you do not find what you are looking for do not hesitate to ask good luck
Hello everyone I have som question to ask?? does somebody simulate DC-DC converter in matlab??? and how to do it ? how to make model in matlab???using simulink??? can you give me some advice or can you give me some link??? thanks
to m.salehi: thanks! I will contact with you and ask you some questions next time.
hello, i want to ask about the excess loop delay in continuous time delta sigma , i know how can see it's effect on the stability of the modulator by using matlab, but what's the model for it ? thanks
hello My undergraduate thesis is ACOUSTIC ECHO CANCELLATION using matlab. Right now, I'm working on the NON-LINEAR PROCESSOR program in matlab but I find it hard to do. I would like to ask for your help. Your expertise in this area could really move mountains for me. Would you be able to share to me an ALGORITHM or (...)
make the noise-less ask, FSK and PSK signal Add gaussian noise to that Plot a scatter diagram, in matlab... It's very easy
Hi all, Just a very basic question... I am training my designed network using, TRAINLM method (levenberg marquadt method), but as it allows one value to adjust (mu)... Would we still require the value of the learning rate and the momentum..the reason why I ask this is because, when I look at net.inputWeights{1}.learnParam I get two value
Hi all, How to construct is any block diagram or example available on ask modulation using matlab/Simulink... Many Thanks
Hi friends, I would like to ask at first about speech recognition for separated words (such as number : zero, one, .... , nine) using artificiel neural network and HMM separately, and houw can I combine the two technics (ANN/HMM). If you have some applications or just ideas in how to programme these two technics in matlab, please give (...)
Would like to ask if anyone have successfully obtained the INL and DNL using the histogram method by maxim? I'm still unsure how to setup the logic analyzer to obtained the data needed.
Why don't you ask that (I don't know the answer) in the matlab forum? I would guess that you have more chances to get help in there.
Firstly, I am a newbie to use matlab. So I have some problems to ask you: 1, If I want to simulate the PLL's behavior model, is the simulink in matlab proper? If not, what 's it? 2, How do I build the behavior model to obtain the behavior model that is close to the actual situations? 3, Where can I get some useful articles to introduce (...)
hi erip, i would like to simulate koch fractal antenna. rite now i have problem simulating it using microwave office, thats the reason i ask for second opinion. im quite new to this topic im pleased that ur willing to give ur opinions. thank Hi, now I can say - forget about MWO. It use uniform mesh so u need very fine

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