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Hi, Battery: 12V DC, 125Ah. It says 'deep discharge' on the sticker. DC to ~230V AC inverter: It says 1200W/2500W on the sticker. I assume 1200W is for 230V AC and 2500W for 120V AC. Can someone please tell me battery duration with the examples below of what can be powered at 230V AC and for how many hours when the battery is fully (...)
Greetings forum, I am looking for a schematic diagram for an HP Pavilion Laptop motherboard. The motherboard part no. designation is: HP Pavilion Dv7 4000 series 630834-001 DAOLX8MB6E1 AMD CPU. While I have the system diagram for the entire laptop downloaded from , I'd like to find a pictorial detailed drawing of the motherb
Hi The attached (LTspice sim and pdf schem) is two paralleled Buck converters. Please assist us in making out the circuitry required to make these Bucks share current equally between them. The circuitry shown inside dotted lines is what we have so far. However, we need the sharing to be done over the entire load range of zero to 8A. Clea
Hi everyone, I'm working on a little DIY lamp project with a capacitive switch. The kit consists of a breadboard with some components, a battery and its charging PCB, and a 20cm-long electric wire that leads to the aluminium foil used as capacitive sensor. The lamp switch on and off randomly when in proximity of things, particularly as it ne
I'm trying to design a self contained DC bus power supply. Specifically it's for a 400v 2200w AC servo drive. Trying to get this all down on 1 PCB for simplicity. I've been using this drive for some time with just 240v mains rectified to 340vDC and some filter caps. The inrush current on charging the caps from flat is rather large, Which (...)
Hi, Regarding tethered drones such as the LIGH-T 4, which is rated at 1.2kW?. Do you know what voltage the BLDC motor inverters are likely to take?...presumably a lot more than a battery powered drone? Also, do you know what is the kind of power ranges that these tethered drones te
I need help with NIMH Button cell battery I want to Trickle charge this battery for 5 years on my smoke detector alarm stand buy current is 40 mA here is my schematic /circuit I use this is my calculation please tell me if I am right on my calculation 10.4 volt /8.4 volt =2 volt/ 1k8 resistor =1.1 mA Please advise me if you can Thanking you in
I was recently trying to connect my Delta VFD drive with my laptop using Vfd-Soft software (which I downloaded from Delta website) and RJ 45 to USB converter(RS232/RS485 converter). I connected the variable frequency drive to supply and connected the connecting lead to drive and pc both. I
I have been looking and looking, yet I've found very little detailed information on MIM capacitors. What is the voltage coefficient? What is the temperature coefficient? Best Regards, Mykrolian
Hi guys, I'm trying to build a 2-pole 2-zero compensation for a full bridge dc-dc converter. I'm using sg3525 as IC. To build the compensation network I'm following the instructions on power supply cookbook but there are two resistors which I don't know how to calculate these 2 resistors and the book isn't showing also. 157490[/
157489 I found the shematic here . Here is the esp-wroom-32 data sheet . Questions: In the data sheet they say the operating voltage is 3-3.6 volts.
Hi! I designed a dimmer for 230VAC 50Hz for a few GU10 LED bulb with the classic 555 PWM circuit. It basically works but I have some major issues could you help me to improve it? 157452 The basic concept: 555 based PWM tuned around 500Hz rectified AC for the LED bulb (the 10k on the circuit)
How to choose optimal wire width of spiral coil to attain high q factor? There are formula to calculate optimal turns n pitch. Is it by trail n error to choose wire width?
Hi All, I'm looking for Linear motor for my application. Motor shall have continuous force to be around 3-4 Newton. and stroke length(travel distance) to be 12-15mm. It shall be operate at least 30Hz frequency. Size shall be 20-30 mm length. Searched following actuator types, 1. Solenoid - > Has frequency issue. (...)
hello. i would like to know how to choose correct val;ue of pwm frequency for 3 phase ac motor.
Is there a way we can achieve divide-by-1 clock through D flip-flop or transmit the clock pulse to Q?
Hello everyone, I have this project where I should put a switch between a powerbank and a phone, and I should be able to control it by a microcontroller. So I found that a reed relay and a transistor is what I need but don"t have any refrences or idea of how to do it. So any help would be very appreciated. thank you
I am using 8bit MCU. Configuration:- Timer Capture to measure pulse width. S/W Computation: - Using pulse width calculate Frequency using formula - (Clock frequency/pulse width) << 2 Problem:- The division instruction is taking 40usec which is too much overhead for the kind of application I am working on. Probable Remedy:- I was think
Hi, I am sorry for asking a very basic question. I am working on PCB design having ZYNQ 7030 on it. I am looking for power requirement of ZYNQ 7030 for different banks. I need to know which document describe this, as there are several documents on ZYNQ.
Like others I'm sure, we constantly run into the limitations of our differential probes when looking at high CM slew signals like high voltage high side gate drive. What equipment do other people like for these applications? Are there better probes than what I'm aware of? Things I'm aware of: Example differential probe: https://www.