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Hi everyone, I'm Jacob Cheng from China, working in an electronic instrument manufacturer, and this is not a promotion content, I'm here asking for help. As a freshman of marketing promotion in the electronic instrument, I have no idea about what topic will engineers interested in. So, I'm here today to ask for a little (...)
Nobody is going to do your homework for you. If you have a specific question then ask that question, instead of asking someone to help you.
Running LCD parallel interface through ribbon cable means asking for trouble. Connecting LCD ground or display frame to chassis metal must be absolutely avoided, it might help to place a small capacitor between E pins and ground at the display. You can also verify command and data register writes by read-back and reinitialize the display in (...)
Hi, You are writing to the display controller with all the processing power you have. Maybe 100000 times per second. It's like I'm asking you 100000 questions in a second, but don't give you time to think about my question and give you no time to respond.... And what's the idea behind writing the same values in a loop? Do you think the th
Please help me to provide GDSII file of simple inverter that will contain at least one transistor. Why is it so difficult to build one for yourself rather than asking around and waiting? It is just a simple inverter after all... Assumption: You have access to the relevant tools!
Hi All, I have seen many posts asking for SMA model for HFSS. Sometimes, feed line interacts with SMA connector and including this in simulations help matching measured and simulated responses. I have practically done this and the simplified version of SMA connector really helps. Those who wanna download (...)
Yes, that is correct but there may be a more fundamental problem here. You are asking for Caller Identification, the designs so far are DTMF decoders, if you are looking to find out where a call originated from (the callers number via landline), a different protocol is used and it is also different from one Telco to another. Brian.
The datasheet says it's a MOSFET. Why are you asking about a diode?
Hi folks, I hope you are doing well. I have some questions which i need some clarification, so i would appreciate if you could help me. I really need them in urgency. I am preparing a certification on Data Communication, but the following questions, have different opinion answers and this is the reason why i am asking for your (...)
Why does your inverter produce a voice sound? Is it talking to you and asking where on earth can you buy 3300uF/450V capacitors? Oh, Digikey has some that cost over $100.00US each.
I fear, most Edaboard users don't know much about VCO based ADC. Posting a block diagram of your design would help to understand what you are asking.
Have you tested reliability of product under worst case environment for susceptibility and margin? DFM? DFT? Or are merely asking about efficient programming method?
There's also a lack of specification. You are asking for 7.5 kW motor inverter but showing a three-phase bridge with 300 V bus voltage in your first post. This would refer to a 230V (actually only 210V) motor which is rarely made up to 7.5 kW power. 7.5 kW motors are usually made for 400 V supply, a respective inverter would need 560 V (...)
Thank you both for responding. I spoke with my doctor who swears my last blood check showed that everything was normal but I did request more blood work and reevaluation of my medications. I have boosted my dietary intake of iron and will be asking him at my appointment about supplements that could help. I am just not prepared to lose my (...)
You are asking for help, or you give us homework?
This seem like someone's homework avoidance ploy... You care to elucidate why you can't complete this on your own? Or ask questions about something you've already worked on but can't figure out how to complete? Just asking for code doesn't give anyone any incentive to help...I'm certainly not going to search for you or (...)
Start here: you are advertising here ? the guy is asking for help not for advertising.
Go discuss the circuit with the circuit designer. Start by asking about matched devices and critical nets. Build those devices then start looking at the overall floorplan.
Welcome Ishita27, I can't tell -- are you asking for help with HFSS, or help designing the wilkinson? Pozar's "Microwave Engineering" has a good wilkinson section.
Since you are using demo project and the development board from MikroE guys, have you consider emailing them for support? They are quite friendly. I am sure not many here in forum has a board like it, that is why no replies yet. The help you are asking is very general and not related to specific issue in hardware or (...)
Are you asking us for help to read the specification of your instrument? It's specified with < 1.5 ms "response time" (10/90% rise time). Technically, it's a switched mode power supply with recuperation, so it surely involves output inductors and filter capacitors. If you want considerable faster rise/fall time, use a purely analog (...)
Instead of just asking someone to do your homework for you, why not post the code you're having problems with so that we can help to get it working. 1. Have you written a testbench and simulated your code?
Looks like a nice video. BTW, why did you post it here? This is the forum for asking for help. Better move this to "show your DIY"
Google it.. That could give more number of options...Simply asking for a code doesn't make sense... Try with your own code and put here if you face some issues with that.
The thread is asking about 125 kHz long range reader "antenna" (inductive coupler), but you still don't tell what's your specific problem related to it. Did you already ask for "125 kHz long range reader" at google. Either ask a clear question, or the thread will be deleted.
Please don't make multiple threads for one problem. Check the below code and edit it as per your requirement. When you are asking a help please make your side clear and post necessary documents regarding the project. ORG 00H SJMP MAIN ORG 30H MAIN: /* MOV A,#00000111B MOV P2,A
Just asking for a footprint isn't going to help you much. There is a lot of different pcb software available that all uses it own internal format. You have to tell the community at least which software you are using. Now for my humble opinion;. Doing pcb design is a 'real' job which requires (...)
Requesting kind reply for this post. i have already posted one question and dint receive any help. But please help me for this atleast. I need to know Because in both posts you are asking someone to do your homework/assignment for you. Both posts look like you cut and pasted the text of the (...)
Hi. I feel like a bum asking for help on my first post but here goes. I'm building a dc to dc step up converter (full bridge). It will produce 24v from a 12V battery. I intend to drive the four n-channel mosfets of the bridge using two IR2110. Is it possible to power the VCC the IR2110 and the load supply of the bridge using the (...)
I am asking same question but for different input/output ranges. You should join my thread
Why do you using LM016L if asking about nokia display? They have nothing common.
Hello I am glad to post my first message here! I am asking for hivemind to help in a really difficult situation. So, I am trying to repair some device, but I can not identify some IC's. I suppose that one or both of devices can be a analog to digital converter or DC-DC converter. Now I want to describe it. First one has 24 pads,
Hello! When you are asking for help, nobody will be upset if you say hello, thank you, etc... Also nobody will hate you if you (try to) write correct sentences, starting with a capital letter and ending with the correct punctuation, etc... And beside this your question (the last line is a question, right?) is not clear. You may consider (...)
Instead of just asking for code, which no one will supply, how about posting the problems you are having doing it yourself so we can help...
Hello! I think you're walking on a wrong path. You're going to do a PhD, which means that you are already (or at least you should be) a specialist in this field. Who better than you should know the hot topics? And you are asking that to people you don't know, who are not specialists (including me)... This sounds like a very uncommon way of startin
Friends, I'm sorry to ask for help, but if I did do the routing was not asking here in the forum, I have a lot of age and health is too little, in fact no longer have the capacity to do, I know who knows not think much difficulties so here I leave again the call for help anyone who can (...)
Hi, again: asking for fast help, but giving no details is resulting in no answers.. Do You Have any Idea how should I connect AVR and optocoupler Pins? google for "atmega uart optocoupler" then decide what else you want to know. Should I connect a RC circuit for RESET pin? look into datasheet
Why are you asking this in a PLD/CPLD/FPGA forum? You should either post this in the software or the DSP sections of the forum.
Show your code and ask questions. asking for generic help about _________ subject won't get you very far.
OH yes....... There certainly is. What have you looked at so far? Are you using the CADSTAR Express? it has a good basic tutorial. CADSTAR is a parts based system, you create a symbol then a component then use a part to join them together. Are you asking this for personal use or your company? because if the company then there are training course
have an ac source from a small generator any idea to amplify it ? Most posts at Edaboard about "amplification" of an energy source are asking for some kind of "over-unity" or perpetual motion device, I fear it's also the case with this one. Simple consideration. If you want 220V 0.5 A output, your generator must deliver at leas
By coincidence, one of your class-mates is asking for the exact same homework to be done for you two should work together? Hurry though - his/her
I am trying to make my bar code comparison application run at start time without asking for user name and password in Angstrom Linux in Beaglebone Black using following help. Creating a service to startup at BeagleBone Black boot time: Create a shell script such as /usr/bin/ #!/bin/bash # this could be any runnable
I think what Mohamed Saa is asking for is a utility to convert an image rather than font characters. for example something that converts a JPG or PNG image into the flash sequence for a rotating LED display. As far as I know there are no programs available to do this, it is a rather specialized thing and probably needs (...)
Are you asking: "Why can't I trigger the oscilloscope correctly"? Hard to say without knowing the capabilities of your oscilloscope.
*.cgi files don't play an important role in the HTTP2 server operation. To understand the implemented dynamic variable concept, you should review the HTTP2 server chapter in the TCP/IP stack help. Support tickets can be created at after registering. If I understand right, you are essentially asking for documentation clarifi
Not clear what you are asking for. A "bistable latch" can be either a RS or D latch. The circuit and behavioral description will be found in any digital logic text book (or Google). You get a 4 bit device by instantiating four single bit latches.
Most of us are familiar with assembly language but what you are asking for would normally be done in a math library and not coded from scratch. It is a lot of work and not something most people will help you with when ready made libraries are available as part of high level language compilers. A good starting point would be to compile your (...)
I am working on zigbee home automation and i want know that is there any end device has addresses how tow or multi zigbee talk to each other directly how device know where it send to data ? and am not asking for Xbee plz adn am working on which it has SPI interface so how can i configure it it dosn,t have usb port
pls do explain it clearly,, am unable to understand what u r asking?? i can try to help u..

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