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Hi, I am new in C programming language, but experienced in asm for 8051 and AVR ... I'm trying to drive a segment lcd in Stm32L476 discovery board, i could do it well but i see a problem when using bitmap table, i use a table to assign true active segments for each number. i used a 3D array for this purpose: const uint32_t Table[
Please help. I appreciate this is a very newbie post, however I have spent a long time trying to fix this myself and as I am now at the end of my tether and really would appreciate some guidance. I've pasted the code below and would be thankful for any pointers on I would go about debugging my problem. I am trying to interface a Displaytech 2
Hi Milan; Do you know my mikroC lcd libraries on LibStock? They are closed libraries, I know, but all work as well. As you see, my one-wire solution is also based on the Roman Black's circuit, but I used a lot asm code also. For your PIC12F683 use the p16_... librar
I am also doing project. we are using PIC16F877A I need to do it in asm language. But I do not know how to write code to run lcd in assembly. is there any way to convert lcd.c library in pic c compiler to .asm ? or can I find lcd library in assembly language? waiting for your great help thanks
I want to enter the data in eeprom with keypad and the display on 8 bit lcd. Please help me with asm code. its urgent...reply soon
hi, This assembler bin to ASCII works OK. You need ASCII characters for the lcd display. Change the .txt extension to .asm E
Hi everyone, I have a problem with writing to a hitachi hd44780 16x2 display using the PIC16F1459. I have written several programs in C for this particular arrangement so I know from this that the wiring, lcd and PIC are all working correctly. I decided to switch over to writing in assembly because I wanted more control over the PIC. I a
I am beginner for arm I just want to learn assembly for arm keil software I have written code for addition Area example , code readonly entry start mov R0 #5 mov R1#3 add R0, R0,R1 stop B stop End I am seeing 7 error massage assembling lcd.asm... lcd.asm(1): error A9: SYNTAX ERROR (...)
hi can anyone tell me what is wrong with this code and circuit digram.maybe you think the are alot of unnecessary line,i know but this code for test. port equ p2 ;lcd port en equ p2.7 ;lcd en rs equ p2.5 ;lcd rs dr equ p3.4 ;ADC RD rw equ p3.3 ;ADC RW intr equ p3.5 ;ADC intr
here you have example: see ZIP files! and here asm programming! and usefull PDF file: and here:
hello, To catch the information send to the lcd is a hard way.. because mode 4bits , but not impossible.. You can test in Win Xp environment to use VB6 + inpout32.dll see i don't know if the speed will be enough... because using a dll is not the fastest way.. best is 100% asm !!! so if
I have written a lcd 4 bit C Code. I want to implement it in PIC asm. I want to know how to write the following C Code in PIC asm. lcd_D4 = (Command & 0x10)?1:0; lcd_D5 = (Command & 0x20)?1:0; lcd_D6 = (Command & 0x40)?1:0; lcd_D7 = (Command & 0x80)?1:0; (...)
Check out for Nigel Pic Tutor on lcd modules at This example run on 4 bit mode and connects to any port on a PIC with asm sample programming for the PIC16 range. Best regards Johann
I have a code from mikrobasic example to display voltage on lcd in 4bit mode.the code is running in pic16f72 but does not run in pic16F873. I have been using codes interchangeably between 72 and 873. but in asm
hi wondering if anyone can help me out with this, ive got the lcd displaying information, but i want it to display the temperature using the lm35 and adc0804 as well, using asm code. Basically i need to get the current reading from the lm35 and convert them in the adc0804 and then display that reading in degrees on the lcd display. I have (...)
hello i really need an asm program in this.. i have already the clock program but i cant seem to set the time with the keypad to the lcd.. i really hope you could help me.. :'(
Pls post the sch and codes (asm & HEX). Thanks in advance. Satheesh :-)
Here's some code extracted from the following the code: ;******************************************************************************* ; File: m8_lcd_4bit.asm ; Title: ATmega8 driver for
Any one please help me?

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