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Install Windows XP on a Mini-Note (USB stick method) - Liliputing Installing Windows XP on a Netbook Via USB (Acer aspire one) - YouTube Installing Win
one USB port in my lap is not working at all (but working in windows)....I am using UBUNTU 11.04. The usb port which is not working is USB 3 compatible. Could any one help me to solve this ?:-| Are you using acer aspire 4520 or with NVDIA chipset on your laptop??? Cause I had a similar problem and did a kernel up
Hi hozy ! The searched topics you will find on : .
I don't have any experience with this tool. I want to ask you a question. Tell me please, what do you think about this aspire tool: is this good? How about compiller - do you use that? I want to buy this, but I want to know more about IDE and evaluation board..... Thanks in advance for the info.