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hi, I'm trying to complete my project in assembly 8051 , and thanks to all of you I completed the 1st phase now I'm stuck in the 2nd phase I should convert a number to its letters --->> for example if I put R3 = #31 it should print thirty one I know I had to make an arrays: 1. single digit (one to nine) 2. double digit (eleven to nine
Here is a possible algorithm to do the conversion. In this example: 0xEF8DA573 = a hexadecimal 32 bit number to convert to bcd 14, 15, 8, 13, 10, 5, 7, 3 = decimal equivalents of each nibble above 4,019,037,555 = the decimal result we want to end up with 4,294,967,295 = maximum possible decimal value of a
There are easy / cheap PWM conversions, but accuracy is not typically their reason for being; more usually they are a part of a closed loop assembly and not error-significant. I think a serial output ADC and serial input DAC would be the most FO-link-friendly. If you have a multibit link (x4 is common) you can send data and clock with lanes to sp
Hi, I have a microcontroller project which is working very well but the code for the project is written in assembly language. I have the full assembly code but I want to convert it to c language. The microcontroller in use is AT89S52. If anyone can help in the conversion please let me know.
Hi everyone.........I am programming the ATmega328 ADC and want to know tha ho to set and clear the ADSC(ADC Start conversion bit) to start the conversion..........Plz give me an assembly example.....Thanks...
I don't know the language you are using but give me the formula for different conversion I can help you in another programming language c,Mikroc or assembly.
hi i need following topics for PIC16 in assembly language. 1. 16 bit (2 bytes) Addition, Subtraction, multiplication, division 2. conversion of numbers from hex to BCD. 3. equivalent function of DAW (in pic 18) thanks in advance
I would recommend posting your assembly source code? Concerning the conversion of assembly to C language, I've not come across a decompiler for the the PIC family. BigDog
Hi, I m doing a project on ATMEL ATMEGA8, i have got got the code in C language, can I covert it into assembly language? If yes, how? Its very necessary to convert this because the course I am studying is assembly language programming. Please help.
hi all. is there any possibility to convert the assembly code in to c code language.. ??
Hi friends I want to convert a 6 digit decimal no into binary or hex format in assembly language. Please tell me how it could be done I did for 5 digit conversion now i want for 6digit pl help me Thank you
hi friends, I want to convert binary to BCD with assembly language. my processor is AVR-Atmega 32. Thanks.:???:
can anyone help me..newbie in analog to digital conversion using pic16f877:lol:
Could anyone provide idea on how to write a unit converter (inch to cm, kg to pound, ...) using emu8086 assembly language. The unit conversion could be in integer form or floating point form as well (doesn't matter). Could anyone provide help on this? Thanks for replying and helping.
The "assembly to Hex converter" conversion tool is named assembler, I guess, you should have heard the term before. For ATmega families, this tool is provided by Atmel for free. Check their website.
I'm almost as new in programming pic microcontrollers in assembly language. What i tried to do in program, is to compare two results of AD conversion, by subtracting previous, from the current result of conversion. If the previous result is greater then the current, diode should be turned off and the program stops, otherwise it's turned on. (...)
Ideally this is how I would break down the problem, First make a assembly routine that correctly displays a digit given the appropriate number - such as 5 produces a '5' on the LCD Convert the integer number to a hexadecimal value using assembly - search the net, there are several examples. By using integer division extract the digits in t
hi i have 3 pic877. i want to set one pic as master with SSD display.and want to display the slave pic's ad result in SSD. i can write a code for AD conversion, Display but stuck in the I2C. i'm not familiar with C coding. but i can use the assembly very well. can any one help me ?
use this assembly code: bcd_display: mov a,data ;convert to decimal mov b,#10 div ab mov r0,b mov b,#10 div ab mov r1,b mov r2,a ret
> can some body convert following codes in to assembly. Of course. A C-compiler could. Apperently, this is intended for 8051 and is a Keil-specific snippet. You can use other '51 compiler such as SDCC, but you'd need to make a few modifications (e.g. the port pins definitions are slightly different - read the manual). JW