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I am designing an UWB LNA with TSMC 0.18 RF CMOS PDK. I have finished the drc. LVS with assura, all are ok. However, when i run RCX after LVS, an error occured: "memory fault, core dumped". I tried the design flow with a simple circuit that has only an inductor (ind_sym in the PDK), all are ok. I am using IC5141 and (...)
"error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" Go to your $assura_HOME directory and check if exist a "lib" dir. if not, create a symbolic link to the lib dif of your $CDS_HOME.
Dear fellow designers, I have a question concerning some errors setting up my drc/RCX runs in virtuoso Layout XL: The Run assura drc window keeps saying "Failed to build VDB. Cannot setup drc" When I check my Log, I see the following errors: *error* load: can't (...)
I am a totally newer to assura~_~. after I start assura drc menu and set the switches,and press ok a warning window appears "fail to built vdb,cannot submit drc run" do anyone know what's the matter,hoping it is not big problem.
The VLW contains all the layers used by assura in the drc file. Look at this file and you'll understand. It is usefull when you don't understand an error. It is also usefull to create your own LVS or drc file. Franck.
The assura drc can not create extracted view of DFII database (drc_extracted). No error in drc running, but the extracted view is empty, no instance is created. The assura LVS can not run. There is a error : UnBound device found. The device in schematic can not find the (...)
The drc and LVS operate normarlly in assura, but when start RCX, the problem in cds.log assura TCX run: loading Technology data, stand by... \e *error* putprop: first arg must be either symbol, list, defstruct or user type - nil \e *error* putprop: first arg must be either (...)
There has been something fail when i run assura drc the log shows "error: can't determine installation root. can't find tools/bin/cds_root in any parent directory of /eda/assurapro/tools.sun4v/assura/bin/32bit/assura " How to go on assura drc