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In lvs, assura can't find the following device in schematic. However, The H35 Library did't provide the schematic for this device. Do you know how to solve these problems? The lvs error are "Bad Initial Net Bindings (nets don't match) " "Shorted Instance Connections". Are these errors caused by these unknown device? Best (...)
Hi All, I have a IC layout in a given process technology and I would like to extract the circuit schematics netlist with cadence assura extraction tool. I have the process technology design-kit installed and working. Is it possible to extract the netlist even if the lvs is not clean? Thanks, Pietro
Hello, I would like to make virtual connection between two same nets while the name are different. I can find joint nets function in assura but not in PVS, is anybody know how to do this in PVS? Thank you
I have checked as much as I can. For some reason, assura does not recognize 5 nets that I have, where I have attached the transistors in parallel. Is there anyway I can re-extract the layout. I have attached the schematic and the main layout blocks. I have attached the images. FYI: I have used "vd" and "vs" as my vdd and gnd. Thank you for your
Hello, I got another question which I want to ask. I hope you can help me. The situation in short notes: * Chip (with IO cells) finished and Streamout as GDSII and Verilog * GDSII Xstream In to Virtuoso * assura streamed in Layout vs. Verilog Netlist (+ the Spice Netlists of the std. cells) Everthing is working fine, but I get lots of Mi
I have a mixed signal design with cells connected to VCC and GND and logic gates with global pins (VCC! and GND!). In the layout VCC is connected to VCC! and GND is connected to GND!. I run the lvs using the joinnets switch for the schematic: joinnets( root "GND!" "GND" ) joinnets( root "VCC!" "VCC" ) The (...)
Hi, I have a sublayout cell in with two "gnd" lines which are not electrical connected by a another metal-line. I want to have only one gnd-pin for this cell and I want to connect the lines at the toplevel. the "gnd"-Pin is located at the first line, the second has only the name "gnd". Unfortunately, doing assuralvs brings an Mismatch error..
Hi, I have little problem during lvs run using joinPins parameter. Can someone help explaining joinPins option in case having 2vdd and 2gnd pins in schematic and layout thanks
Hi, I am using cadence virtuoso for analog schematic and layout and assura for verification. When i performed an lvs check there were some rewire messages It says Shorted internal nets: Layout net "avC12" shorted to schematic nets ("net15" "net55") I cant understand why this is coming... I couldnt find any (...)
When I ran assura lvs on a schematic containing iprobe and vdc, I always had trouble filtering out the iprobe/vdc devices and shorting the nets together. assura lvs reported extra net in schematic compare with layout. I set filterDevice("iprobe" short("PLUS" "MINUS")) in avCompareRules, which works well on (...)
which tool you are using for lvs. for calibre - there is a option in calibre rve - "connect nets named"...........use this option. same way you would also be having such an option in your tool, just find it. hope this solves your problem. Also in assura, there is a "use joint net" function or something like th
In my schematic I have an input bus pin IN<0:7>. If I use for my layout the labels (PIN-mx) IN<0> ... IN<7> for the nets, lvs with assura don't match... How kind of labels can I use? Can I use buses with assura? Thanks!!!
while i was doing lvs using (assura) ,i finshed fixing all the errors and this message appears to me : Unknown lvs error found see test.cls file for details. what does it mean ??? and i opened the .cls file and find that : ==================================================================== ====== Problem Layout (...)
Hi, I have passed lvs, but when I am going to run RCX it cannot be launched & shows the following message in CIW : *Error* append: argument #2 should be a list - "RCX nets" What is the problem? Sometimes I can launch it but sometimes cannot. Thx!