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Hi, this is my first post so please let me know if I'm in the wrong place I'm trying to find the simplest circuit diagram possible and hopefully with no soldering, (I'm very new to this) for what I think is termed an astable multivibrator I want to create a seesaw effect with a metal bar on a central swivel point with an electromagnet undern
I feel like a total noob in asking this question, but here it goes... Wherever I read any article about the astable mode of timer 555, there is no clear explanation of the resistor R1 as shown in this know that the capacitor charges through R1 an
Hello Everyone! I want to understand the use of anti-parallel diodes in this circuit. I know that 555 is configured as an astable multivibrator here. 99450 What is the duty cycle variation range?
Can anybody help me explain with the use of an 555 timer IC in designing a digital sensor with a modulating sensor? I do not know what you call a "digital" and "modulating" sensor. The 555 timer can be used as a timer, an astable or monostable multivibrator, a PWM generator, etc. Please explain exactly what you need.
use 555 as a astable multivibrator use a buzzer of 12vdc - - - Updated - - - use this ckt
Hello sir As we know 555 astable multivibrator has a capacity to generate high frequency oscillation say 100 khz max. so what about the case if the astable design is transistorized ?
82184 hi i've just registered and have a emergency question . i modeled a astable multivibrator with 555 timer in orcad but it showed this error convergence problem in bias point calculation, then i enabled skip the initial tran... but now i see this error!"There are no data values in section #1 ignoring this section"
Hello mtijijoy! First you rig up the circuit on a breadboard. If you have access to an oscilloscope the observe the waveform at pin 3. You must get a rectangular wave. Otherwise connect an LED with suitable current limiting resistor and see that
is it possible to use monostable multivibrator (ic 555) to generate 120 seconds pulse...?
Hello sir I ve an astable multivibrator circuit using 555 ic n the frequency is set to its maximum limit i mean 100 khz i connected a piezo speaker at the output n observed its working fine . Now suppose i ve such 10 modules or units of 100 khz & i want to transmit wave of frequency 1000 khz or 1 Mhz in air (...)
I want to control 12 Vdc motor under 1A using PWM and I need to use astable multivibrator concept please help.
This page has the equations and a calculator 555 Calculator Also check 555 and 556 Timer Circuits Alex
Looks like here 555 is using as a astable multivibrator... You exactly measure the frequency in Output pin using the formula Frequecy = 1 / as per your circuit diagram... Time of the pulse also you can calculate by Time = 1 / ... Then Working principle is clearly explained by chuckey..
hello frend i m facing a problem in simulating a circuit---astable multivibrator using 555. i m attaching the circuit diagram and the error msg in jpeg.plz someone comment on this...rectify the problem thanx.
use TSOP-1738 ir sensor to detect ir signal. It will detect a 38kHz modulated ir signal only. You can make the transmitter using a 555 astable multivibrator designed at 38kHz . You could make the circuit in simple way by using some flip flops , counters etc or could make it more efficient using microcontrollers. Using a microcontroller (...)
Hi, How exact do you need it? You can take a quartz oscillator i.e. from Seiko, you can build an r-c multivibrator with 2 transistors (ev. an Op Amp) or take a simple 555 timer , used as astable multivibrator... K.
That is 555 configured as an astable multivibrator. where, (refer: datasheet of 555) T ( the charging time of C) is determined as 1.1RC that means: T = 1.1 * R * C here R = 100K and C = 10u so approximately , i guess they have set a time of 1sec,and thus arrived at those values of R and C. And 10M,that is a (...)
if you are using potentiomenter, then you require just one potentiometer and a diode with 555 astable multivibrator circuit Bibin John
Hi all. I've got a doubt about the adjustment of duty cycle for an astable multivibrator using 555. If you have a circuit for a timer with 1kHz please send it. Thank you make sure the value of T(on) and T(off) equal to each other by properly fixing R1 R2 and C
HI, Is there any limitation in choosing the resistor and capacitor for a frequency generating circuit using 555 timer in astable mode. I am using R1 as 47ohms and R2 as 147ohm and C1 as 0.1(104) microfarad. I am intending to generate a 40KHz frequency. Is there any circuit to drive ultrasonic transmitter(40KHz).Any solutions to solve t