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Hi, I need to generate a two level hierarchical design (chip + block) in astro. After place and route is complete for the low level block, I need to generate a timing (TIM) view by creating CLF. After setting up the timing I generate the CLF using 'astTimingModel'. However, I noticed that the input delays are missing (...)
Dear guys, I am using the astro place and route tool. I need your help to complete the scan chain optimization process. Before the placement process I delete the chains, and that?s ok. But before the optimizations of the chains I need to run this command (...)
Is there a way of reporting the area per block/module in astro? The place and route summary does not provide this information. TIA
Dear all, I have only 1 clock(period is 50ns) in a test case,when I running CTS in astro,the tool will report a massage of "Overlap Removal Engine Terminated", and the insertion delay of clock is quite large-- ~11ns, skew is 0.2ns, but timing is OK after question are: 1>What does the massage mean? the place area is not enough for CTS o
How to place dual height cells in Synopsys astro ?
astro is easier to learn, and astro has close relation with DC, that's helpful for timing problem solution. Hi, can anybody please tell me which place and route tool is easier to learn in short time period..(magma blastfusion or soc encounter)
When we after place and route by astro, we generate a netlist file, and the netlist file have some assign command, such as : assign cpu_rst_n = rst_n how to remove such assign command ,please help me.
1. place (Either in astro or Physical compiler) 2. CTS 3. route
I am learn astro , i just read manual of astro,i want to learn the idea of backend not just backend tools, can you intro a book to me, thanks.
i think u can go to can use an edif netlist and do standard cell place and route or u can also use the block place and route feature.u can also use cadence soc which does p &r or synopsys astro to do p and r (...)
Magma is place and route tool, heah to head compete again Synopsys astro It's not only P&R tool, also have RTL synthesis, floorplan, physical synthesis, STA parts, it holds all tools that do RTL2GDS flow. equl synopsys DC+PhySyn+Jupiter+astro+PT
Learning astro, Apollo or any place and route tools is learning the flow of the design, the step to convert a logical nelist to physical layout. You need to access the tool and practice a simple design. reading the book alone is not enough
Anyone have experience on the performance comparation of timing closure, physical implementation flow: 1, JupiterXT floor plan + physical compiler placement + astro route 2, netlist -> Jupiter floor plan + astro timing driven plance and route 3, netlist -> SOC encounter floor plan, (...)