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Hi, I have designed an Async fifo. write clk = 50 Mhz read clk = 10 Mhz FULL flag is gnerated in wclk domain with synchronized read ptr. FULL detection in immediate. EMPTY flag is generated in rclk domain with synchronized write ptr. here EMPTY condition is not immediate as the write ptr is synchronized using 2FFs in
Hi, I am new to logic design and trying to design an asynchronous fifo. can somebody suggest some good docs to read? i came across a paper by cliff cummings on fifo design which was very basic and well explained. As it seems that paper is quite famous i would like to ask some question regarding the design in the paper or (...)
I'm designing an asynchronous fifo. While the rightmost bits of the write and read pointer vectors are used for the actual write and read addresses - the MSB is used only to set the control flags (almost full \ full \ almost empty \ empty). The signals are defined as follows: signal wp , rp_from_read_clock_domain : unsigned ( x downto 0 )
Transfer of multi bit across asynchronous clock domain may be susceptible to data incoherency, if those bits changes close to the clock edge of the capturing clock domain. The classical two stage flip flop synchronizer will not solve the problem of data incoherency. For example, if 'b0000 - > 'b0110 is transferred from clock domain A to clock
Check out the papers at Sunburst Design and look for anything that says "asynchronous" in the title. Especially these two: Hope that helps. :-)
Hi ,all. I have a asynchronous fifo in my design, I found the simulation results is different between RTL and netlist. It is caused by the asynchronous fifo, at the mistake time, the read clock and the write clock is very close(0.5ns), the netlist output is late than the RTL output. I wonder to know is it unavoidable for (...)
What is ring fifo ? any benefit about using ring fifo with gray code access in asynchronous design ? any paper can reference ?
clifford's paper about async fifo (#2 style) is best in solve the full&empty , but i find a problem: the afull & aempty are both asynchronous , then glitch cann't be avoided, but the asynchronous preset & reset are sensitive to glitch, may it cause problem?
Hi all, Does there exist a best implementation of asynchronous fifo? Any suggestions will be appreciated! Best regards, Davy
Hi, everyone Recently I have written code for asynchronous fifo. Below is my code: module asyn_fifo(Data_out,fifo_full,fifo_empty,Data_in,write_clk,read_clk,write_to_fifo,read_from_fifo,reset); parameter fifo_width=8; parameter (...)