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This is by far the best and easiest & most reliable programmer for the the schematic carefully and you will have a good programmer. If your PC does not have a serial port, you can use a good USBtoRS232 cable (not a c
Did you load the firmware of at89C2051? You will need another programmer to do that (parallel programmer if you use at89C2051, or ISP programmer if you use at89S2051).
Hello! I'm thinking at replacing an at89 C4051 with an at89 S4051, if possible. Any advice will be apreciated. I have an x.hex file to write into an at89C4051, but the simplest programmer from BlowIt doesn't work, so I wonder if it is possible to write the very same x.hex program into an at89S4051, (...)
Hi people: Due to a recent surge in electricity lot of my equipment got fried, two of them were my old working projects an 8x16 clock and a seven segment clock. Both were based on at89C2051, unfortunately both mcu have also fried, I have replaced rest of the components, now I need to replace the mcu. I have purchased new mcu. Though I have th
please try ponyprog. i've used it on any kind of AVR,at89,EEPROM,PIC,etc using port parallel and also serial port, very nice :D:D:D
There is also this one from Olimex , i use it with PonyProg Schematic etc is on the webpage Btw: Why does everyone call an at89 for an AVR ??? /Bingo
Hi Navid, atmega is a trademark of Atmel AVR. I don't know why did you call the subject this way, when you're asking about at89 series. When you'll want to update the program, at89C5X must be removed from the PCB, programmed on external programmer and then fitted back. at89S5X could be programmed either fitted on the (...)
I am looking for a circuit or schematic for InSystem Programming of at89C52 and related series. What is the difference between at89S52 and at89C52 in terms of InSystem programming. Is 89c52 in-system programmable? When i consulted the at89c52 datasheet, it says there are two programming modes - Low voltage mode(Vpp =Vcc) (...)
Hi I need a sch and windows 2000 software of a programmer that support all of this devices: at89c51,52,55,55wd AT90S8515,8535 ATmega (all) Please guide me.