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hello guys, Performance of at89c1051,89C51 MCU are good in industrial environment or not? Does these MCU's have any problem in industrial environment??? Can we use these MCU's in any industrial environment and conditions??? Thanks There are uCs(i.e ICs) designed for industrial/military applications.. Read the s
help me I' m student. I'm want to be electronicial engineering. I khow little english. Please tell me in which year of Electronics Engineering you are studying the at89c1051 is 20 pins controller having the same Core with less I/O and code memory for small task it is use easily please also tell me i
Try this one: It programs not only C51 but also: AT89C52 AT89C55 at89c1051 at89c1051U AT89C2051 AT89C4051 Regards, IanP
Can I Use the same C coding for these ?c ............... "AT89C51,AT89C52,AT89C55,at89c1051,AT89C2051,AT89C4051" If No then What?s the difference b/w there coding? Also tell me the header files for these controllers
Use CD4060 with a crystal that is binary multiple of 1000HZ. The CD4060 has oscillator and ripple counter that can divide the crystal frequency by 2^n. Alternately, you can use a small microcontroller like PIC12C508 or Z86E0208 or at89c1051 to generate a 1KHz signal.
at89c1051/2051/4051 programmer PCB layout included.
Hi all I need a circuit to program the Atmel MCU at89c1051 and AT89C2051. Can any one help me.