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Hi, I want to make a circuit consisting of transistor switch which turns ON at89s52 uC when base drive is applied and turns OFF when base drive is removed. It consisting of 2N2369 NPN transistor, collector of which is connected to Vcc (+5V) and emitter is connected to Vcc pin of uC (40th pin of at89s52) when proper base (...)
i want to drive bipolar stepper motor with ratings 2.8amp/12 v using at89s52.please help me.
Gentlemen and everybody, It is a really really very urgent!!!!!!!!! I know most of the people say this but I really need a solution very urgently. Its a very kind request.I am new to embedded systems so kindly explain in little details as u explain. This is a very simple project. I have to control 2 dc motors via serial interface from PC. Sc
I have discussed about 3 phase IGBT pack before. I connected this pack to the at89s52 throught optocoupler and then I drive 6 of them and saw the motor rotates. It's good for me. I want to use ATMEGA32 programmed by CodeVision to drive the IGBT module using PWM signals. Does any one help me about how to use pwm in such way? Thanks. I am so (...)
hi... i'm using an at89s52 MCU and my stepper motor is a 6V one. is it ok if i use ULN2003 to drive the motor? wil my MCU be safe?? Pl reply me asap...:cry: i agree with mister_rf, and i'll suggest you first to read the datasheet of ULN2003 and also cross check the power ratings of your motor and compare them.. th
Hi, Is it possible to drive the above MCU's from 24Mhz to 12MHz? Its difficult to find the 12Mhz MCUs here... Thats y i am asking... Thanx
i need to interface flppy drive with at89s52. can u help me