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Unfortunately some previous suggestions are misleading. at89s52 has only 256 Bytes of built-in RAM. It will be accessed as data and idata respectively. Some X51 chips have additional internal RAM that can be used as xdata memory, but not at89s52. If 256 Bytes aren't enough, you have to connect external memory through the databus ports as explai
Please help me by giving steps to program at89s52 atmel micro controller using STK500 board. thank you
I'm using at89s52 and using c language. Don't know about MICROWIRE interface routines.
Thanks for reply...... I am working on at89s52..... how can I use it for this....???
The feature you are asking for is depending on the hardware capability to write to the flash memory during program execution (so called self-write). It's not available for at89s52 family.
If you are using at89s52 then you need a different software/hardware for programming. Flash magic can support only philips parts and not atmel parts
Hi, I've been trying to program at89s52 with the schematic below. The problem is that the controller is not detected at all. I've been using usb to serial converter and thought that might be a problem, but it works when i short the 2 and 3 pins . In ezdl4 i always
I have to store 2000 chars while programming in at89s52 flash and display them successively on hyper terminal when program runs. is it possible and how.
We were talking about WRITE/ERASE not self programming. Self programming or in application programming (IAP) are different words for the same thing: Writing to the code memory while the processor is executing code, done by the processor itself. It's essentially a processor hardware feature, at89s52 doesn't have it. (...)
Hi everybody! I'm having a little problem with at89s52 ISP programming. I bought an USBASP programmer to program some of AT89S series. I read here on edaboard how to use the USBASP for AT89S series. I'm using software progISP 1.72. When I try to read the device signature, it returns 02 52 06, and the at89s52 device signature is 1E 52 06. (...)
wt is the header file used for controller at89s52? wt is the way to define a bit in at89s52? can i use flash magic burner to burn the hex program of at89s52?
Hello. I am using RAM Electronics : ATMEL AVR ISP Programmer "AVR AVRISP V2.0 STK500 USB ISP" - 160.00L.E. to program an at89s52. I am totally new at this. So I wanted to figure out what should I connect to the at89s52 to program it?resistances?vcc? do I use
What MCU are you using, 8051 variant, at89s52, etc? BigDog
About the frequency, at89s52 doesn't have X2 mode (that is Fosc/6). So if your external frequency is 22 MHz (as I read on post #1) then the cycle time is: ct = 12 cycles / 22 MHz = 0.545... usec Usually the PWM frequency is set by one timer while the pulse width will be set by the other one. For example, TH0 and TL0 will be reloaded with th
sir, i am trying to display time on a 7 segment display using ds12887 and at89s52 controller. I am using port 0 to interface ds 12887 and using four 7447 BCD to 7 seg decoder at port 1 and port 3. My hardware module was working correctly. When i am dumping my program with some initial values it was giving only the value. The time wasn't changing. B
hi every one i am using at89s52 to program that i have used AEC_ISP programmer the problem what i am facing is when i am loading the hex file it is saying that "can't open file press any key to continue" i am having hexfile in my c drive and i am giving the path as "C:\program.hex" can any one tell me why this is happening
does this programmer support at89s52? Part III ? Making Programmer and Target. | eXtreme Electronics
I want to create a programmed which take 4 inputs from a PS2 controller and produce 4 outputs to the motors which is forward, backward, left and right. I used the "if-else" function to set the output for each input but my MCU (at89s52) does not produce any output for the left and right "if-else" loop. However, it produced outputs for forward and
HI friends, i am using at89s52 (44 pin TQFP package) and i want to program that microcontroller for that i have googled so much time and found a circuit in and i connected my micro controller as shown in fig 2 in that website but after running that software to write the hex file it is saying erro