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I'm used to doing projects using only the at89s52/53 from ATMEL. From one of my kids school projects they want to control about 300 I/O ports using 74HC595 in a daisy chain configuration ? Will it be possible to do something like this, or will it be better/possible using PIC microcontrollers ? I will sort out the coding myself, but (...)
I just received my Genius G540 programmer, and I'm trying to program a at89s52 as a digital wire to test the programmer but it doesn't work, the LED on P1.0 stays on continualy. here is the code: org 0 jmp 40h org 40h Start: mov A,P0 mov P1,A jmp Start end I'v already used the 89S52 for others projects, but I always used
I use at89s52 based microcontrollers in my projects and use assembly language with M-IDE Studio I need some sample code that read bmp file or hex file from sd memory and copy it to another sd memory, and to AT24C512 or if any one knows any site where i find sd card interface code example in Assembly language please inform thanks
pls guid me how to receive the entered digits in lcd and serial port to pc by dtmf . as i have to receive the entered digit through rs232 in pc and manipulate some program in php
Hi guys, Do you have a circuit for at89s52 with 74HC154 for 8x8 LED matrix with 4 or more characters ? And the code as well in C ? Thanks a lot Also can use 74HC595. I have build 6 unit 8X8 dot matrix.
can anyone let me know the diagram and code for it
Here are a few projects using the at89s52 with a GSM: at89s52 GSM modem interface Prepaid Energy Meter (at89s52) – 8051 Microcontroller [URL="http
Sir I am doing projects in this I want to use sm630 fingerprint module I see your user profile I want some examples and also i want to guidence how to write commands for sm630 module in at89s52 microcontoller. Please send to my mail
Hi to all I have a uC programmer of iNSET which is based on ISP. and USB :) I had googled , go through software and find that my uC only need a .hex file and I also find out some free compiler winAVR and winARM but they doesn't supports at89s52 but supports ATs90 and keil wants filling up the * entries please give me a link of c compiler fo
can any one send me the C code for the SHT21 using at89s52
I want to interface a gps module with at89s52 microcontroller to build position locator which shows current latitude and long. Which gps should i buy? Which pin connections to make?
Hello all, I am now happy to present the GUI version of the ProloadV5.4 software that many of us use to program at89s52 board from Sunrom Technologies. This has been written using the GTK+ tool kit and will run on Linux. It is now available at: Also, don't forget to check out the screenshots
Hi, I have chosen the plain vanilla 8051(ATMEL at89s52, to be precise) for all my projects till date. Using the plain vanilla was an excellent learning opportunity for me to get to know about interfacing many widely used peripherals. Now, however I do feel that I should make a transition to some more advanced variants of 8051 and make use of t
I want it to work with my at89s52 only. Its good if it can work with other controllers too as far as the circuitry is simple.