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avrisp MKII programmer identifies at90s8535 as AT90USB82 ? Anyone has any idea why? Could I write a at90s8535 with what I have read from AT90USB82?
hai, i want to scroll led matrix with avr at90s8535 with keyboad interface,but how to do that,can anybody help me,thanks.
hi could someone help me in project avr. I can not compile the ta90s8535 thanks cesar :cry:
please helpme my experiment scrolling text with input keyboard,the final my project but i dizzy code no error but warning=1, i compiler with Code vision AVR. this schematic with ic at90s8535 but i change ic Atmega8535,please corect this code if make Atmega8535 or please helpme fo compiler this code for Atmega8535,please share Hex after compiler At
hi i want to read date and time from ds1307 with my avr at90s8535. i use fastavr compiler that is in basic. can anyone help me please? i have the shematic but i cant write the basic codes for it. please help me..
i want aprogrammer ckt for at90s8535 thanks in advance
Hi thank you for this programmer. i have a question: which AVRs supports this programmer. is this this programmer can program at90s8535 or ATMEGA32? also i have downloaded this programmer from atmel. can i build it can find the files from
somehow atmel is the first source to get information from : AVR086: Replacing at90s8535 by ATmega8535
hi, iam using pony programmer to pgm the avr device via parallel port. iam trying to programme the at90s8535,atmega8535,atmega32,all are ok. but iam try to programme the atmega128. its fail. its say no device found. how can i solve that. any one have experience that.
The interface between DAC0808 and at90s8535 it's quite easy. Just link one of the 8 bit port of at90s8535 with the digital inputs of DAC0808. Then just write the value 00h - FFh to the output port of at90s8535. If the port will be used for other purpose you can fit an 8 bit external D latch to preserve the numerical value to digital inputs (...)
Who can help me in programming the port A in output mode? Input mode works perfect. In output mode the PORTA dataregister and DDRA register are correctly set but the pin itself stays at 0 Volts. Here is my programming sequence ;PORT A AS OUTPUT LDI R16,255 OUT DDRA,R16 ;PORT A OUTPUT LDI R16,15 OUT PORTA,R16 Thanks
I have difficulties in controlling piezoelectric actuator using at90s8535. Can anybody help me?
Dear all experts, situation : recently, i got a AT86RF211 development kit, which the MCU is AT90L8535. in this kit, there is a dics contain some C program. and some .hex file. i also got the STK500 starter kit. i want t use C program to programe it via WINAVR. but seems not work. so, i find ICCAVR, but still not work......then i use IA
Hi I am using an at90s8535. I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on powering the micro down I know there is an inbuilt powerdown function but I am not sure how to use it. At the moment I have connected a push button to external interrupt 1 and want to use that to toggle the micro from ON/OFF mode. Any ideas?
I used to use at90s8535 with bascomAVR then I change to ATMEGA 16 First I try to program it using STK200/300 Compatible isp cable. It program OK But chip ATMEGA16 was work veryslow. Then I read the data sheet it said that default clocksource is internal 1 MHz osc. (I used Crystal 8 MHz) so i need to changed Fuse bit to make it know what clock sour
hai, any one have the at90s8535+ks0108 lcd driver pgm for c? any help from urs thanks
Hi folks! Are there anyone know something about building own emulator for AVR ICE200? 'AT ICE200' is working with following devices: ATtiny AT90S1200 AT90S2313 AT90S4433 AT90S8515 at90s8535 thanks a*ba
Very interested project can be found at . It's FORTH ( and Pascal ) like Virtual Machine inplementation on ATMEL's AVR micros - AT90S8515, at90s8535 and ATmega8 ...

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