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when i want to program a at91sam7s64,it can connect to micro but when i erase it returns errors: Connecting ... - Connecting via USB to J-Link device 0 - Target interface speed: 10 kHz (Fixed) - VTarget = 2.115V - Initializing CPU core (Init sequence) ... - Initialized successfully - Target interface speed: 10 kHz (Fixed) -
Hi I am trying to debug an at91sam7 controller. It communicates with my computer using a virtual serial-port over USB. What I want to do is to set at breakpoint when the computer has sent a command to the ?C over the virtual serial port. The problem is that when I start my debugger (SAM-ICE), it resets the microcontroller so that I can no
Hi all, In your opinion why ARM microcontrollers (like LPC2000 and at91sam7) GPIO pins are spreaded and are not aligned like 8-bit microcontrollers? how can I overcome this problem with minimum overhead? Thank in advance, Reza
at91sam7, LPC2000, C165, DS89C and many more.
It looks like setting JTAGSEL to high puts at91sam7S64 core into a reset state. Is it a valid behavior or I have some problems with my pcb/hardware? I would like to monitor and manipulate with signals on at91sam7S64 pins to do some board testing using a boundary-scan software. So I set JTAGSEL high to select JTAG boundary-scan compliant TAP. I h
Hi everyone, I need to used one of the interrupt pins for detecting a USB connection on a at91sam7 MCU. But, this would mean that I had to sacrifice one of the IRQ pins which is valuable. Is there any other method to do this? Because this pin will allow me to enable the pull-up on the USB+ signal line and I cannot afford to enable this pull-up a
AVR ,at91sam7 (ARM7 series from all vendors liks as atmel,st,philips)
is any one have a code for mp3 decoder on at91sam7?(porting for at91sam7) i read some document that for decoding 44.1 khz mp3 need 26 MHZ clock. and i think if i run the at91sam7s128 @ 55 MHz with one wait state get 55/2= 27.5 Mhz access from flash and enough for decoding. is it true or not?(any test) can i run the code in thumb mode to (...)
is any one test a mp3 decoder code on atsam7s on thumb mode? can run mp3 decoder alghorithm on at91sam7 on flash with one FWS ARM mode? thanks.
how can i program at91sam7 with wiggler jtag in IAR. i can debug it in flash & RAM but after discconect the code is gone. it's reaally hard to program with SAMBA. thanks.
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If you used at91sam7 Series can download free e-book "Using Open Source Tools for at91sam7 Cross Development" from Best Regards