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Hi, I'm trying to desing an oscillator using atf36077. I noticed that when I use a non-linear transistor model (ph_hp_atf36077_19940627 component or Statz model with parameters downloaded from Avago website) I get different results than when using S-parameters file (I have the same biasing - Vds 1.5V, Id 10mA). When I (...)
I'm designing a dielectric resonator oscillator in a series feedback configuration at 9.2GHz. I stimulated this circuit with ADS before it was actually built. I used spice model for atf36077 transistor. The simulation included Harmonic Balance- Transient- large signal test and nyquist test. Coupling of dielectric resonator around to the microstrip
What is the reference plane of S parameters measurement of atf36077? Is it measured at the red line in the picture? PS: the red line is add by myself, not by Avago
Does anybody have a SPICE model for the Agilent atf36077 in ads?
download the spice model of the atf36077 from avagotech , and then import it to microwave office check this post also u can just use the S paramters as 2 port network and do the linear simulation khouly
Does anybody have a SPICE model for the Agilent atf36077

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