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See this link - serial AVR programmer under the Just The Facts section, the last point in hardware says - uses in circuit serial programming (isp), i.e. the chip needs a clock source (XTAL) Does it mean that I have to attach a crystal oscillator to the chip while it is being program
Dear all, I want to start using AVR´s. Can anyone advise me on a serial isp cable? I am going to use atmega 168. Not for any special reason but because they are available for me? any help for you guys is welcome! Yours Dave
Hello everyone. I plan to use atmega 128 for my next project. Since it is surface mount, I will need to integrate an isp circuit on my PCB. Can anyone please suggest a circuit for programming it through the USB port?
One more good link for isp programmer for 89Sxx ('51), ATtiny, atmega i 90Sxx (AVR) with downloader Hynix :D I built the circuit and it worked very good. Thanx ΩΩΩΩ :P ΩΩΩΩ Hi@