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Hello Everyone, I am planning to make custom atmega 2560 board with Arduino Mega 2560 bootloader on it. for programming purpose I am thinking of FTDI FT232R for usb to UART. This was in Earlier Arduino Mega board Though it was with atmega 1280. My question : Is it possible to Program a atmega 2560 (with preloaded (...)
I want to transmit data serially over bluetooth... like ~~~~~~~~~ <--> but i find in internet that diagram? 125890 can i comunicate such way? Bt dongle>> Attiny 2313 >> Tx-RX >> other avr micro controller?
how can i upgrade the firmware on atmega using a pc ? what are my various options other than using an AVR boot loader device like i am using currently AVR-MKII in combination with atmel studio. I want to be able to just use the pc and some software to update the firmware.
Reference Previous Thread: I'm trying to get a AT89s51 to program, I am new to this as far as programming chips... If i construct this board for programming a AT89s51 Can i program the chip on the programmer board after being built, or do i need to program it separately [SI
hello, how it is possible to use micro controller like atmega8 for usb communication with PC. since usb uses NRZ protocol( +ve and -ve signal) how is it possible to achieve it using atmega8 without any driver in between them. thanks in advance
Please review the "similar threads" indicated at the bottom of this page or search Edaboard for threads about the topic. As explained in all respective threads, it's not possible with atmega. You'll need some kind of usb host adapter, either FTDI Vinculum or a different microcontroller with host capability.
anyone can help me write a program like oscilloscope using usb reading from atmega(ADC,700sample per second)?!
PLEASE anybody help me to design atmega micro controller based mp3 decoder,and interfacing fm ic using bk1080.actually i want complete design of usb mp3 player and FM using micro controller without mp3 decoding chip.
I have been designing atmega 8 based usb to uart conversion using v usb and avr cdc 232. The whole circuit seems ok but its not detected in by the computer. It just says usb device not recognized. Here's the description of the project( ).Any help please I us
Last time I checked the ATMEL atmega series devices which offer a usb hardware module are all 32, 44, or 64 pin TQFP or VQFN packages. You may possible be able to use a low pin count DIP package microcontroller, like the ATTiny or PIC12F/PIC16F series combined with a softusb library like V-usb for ATMEL or (...)
i am having project downloaded from net. but i not tested it, here iam uploading the schematic & firmware it supports 89s52 & atmega 95823
I have interfaced max232 with a atmega 16 microcontroller.I am using usb to serial adapter and have connected pins 2,3 and 5 of the serial adapter to max232 using jumper wires and connecting wires in a breadboard.I am using hyperterminal.When pins 2 and 3 are shorted the characters are displayed on the screen,meaning that the max232 circuit is work
Sir I have Designed a AVR usb programmer using IC atmega 8 & IC 74HC126. I have downloaded Bootloader for atmega 8 from 2-3 various websites. But My programmer is not running successfully please guide me... If you know anything regarding this please post...:sad:
Hi, I am working on atmega 32u4 controller. I have a problem with the controller in my circuit. My controller is not detecting when the usb is plugged in. I checked the Vcc,GND and crystal oscillator connections which are perfect. Is there any other connections which I need to check to figure out the problem. I am adding the schema
i am using atmega328 avr microprocessor can anyone tell me how to get its output to usb port to communicate with pc. i know that atmega provides serial communication but how to interface it with usb port of pc. i dont have any serial ports in my laptop.
Hello everyone, I tried everything before writing this. I was trying to connect an "atmega 16A microcontroller" (which is impressed in a development board) with a "usb AVR programmer" by connecting through their isp header pins. I had connected them correctly using connecting wires. After that for checking whether i had connected
Sir, I am trying to connect an "atmega 16A microcontroller" (which is impressed in a development board) with a "usb AVR programmer" by connecting through their isp header pins. I had connected them correctly using connecting wires. After that for checking whether i had connected them correctly or not i had written
Hi, Standard atmega type usb programmers are so cheap on ebay why build your own. If you want something to cover most avr chips then think the Dragon is the only practical way.
guys, I need a help and i'm begging you all for the help... My country got out of atmega 8, 16 and 32 and only available ATMel is the atmega32A here. Thus no way but I have to stick with it.. now I have a usb-ASP to program AVRs in ISP. I used ExtreemAVR for burning. In that software, there is no Mega32A listed. Only Mega32 listed. (...)
HI, I am trying to interface GPS with atmega16. Although i successfully interfaced the GPS device with my PC, but when receiving data from GPS on atmega16, i am getting junk values (even though the "BAUD RATE" of both devices is set to be same). SO can any one tell me how should i fix this problem.