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Im still searching atmel controller library for Proteus. but i cant get it. Is there any simulation software for atmel series like at, atxmega, atmega and so on. Thanks.
Hy! I'm working on a project that contain 2 atmega uC, first atmega collect some information from the sensors, and send a data to the second atmega. The hardware connection is made by ISP(MOSI, MISO SCK, SS PINS, hope i get it right). I am not very friendly with comunication between 2 uC so please help me how to do it. Thank you!
Hai.... i am using AT42QT1110 Qtouch chip for Capacitive sensing switches..connected with atmega 2560.. AT42qt1110'S communication, SPI Protocol and atmega2560 programmer connected in SPI lines.. Two types of connection i tested Put separate connector for AT42qt1110 and atmega 2560, in programing time i remove the AT42qt1110 from (...)
yes it uses low voltage (under 0.6V or even 0.2V some are around 0.1V) to measure the component esr. then it has to amplify the resulting signal to be able to measure it. and the atmega tester has no amplifier on its inputs so it cannot do this kind of measurments. there would be too much changes to make it work, better build a dedicated in circuit
Hello, How to start or what are advantage of AVR micro controller than other?
Hi guys ! Arduino ? modules are electronic boards based by atmega's micro-controllers, open-source prototyping platforms specially designed for artists, designers or hobists. Programmed with a language similar to "C", the Arduino modules can operate independently. There are several types of Arduino's boards, we found : Arduino modules (part1)
Dear all I would like to base atmega328P MCU for this discussion I sow the block diagram of the data sheet is showing in 9 of 660 pages which are 32 registers My question is Are those registers accumulators or working registers Please advice
Hello Everyone, I am planning to make custom atmega 2560 board with Arduino Mega 2560 bootloader on it. for programming purpose I am thinking of FTDI FT232R for USB to UART. This was in Earlier Arduino Mega board Though it was with atmega 1280. My question : Is it possible to Program a atmega 2560 (with preloaded Arduino Mega 2560 (...)
Hello , May i know that can i directly burn the hex file which generated for arduino uno board to an atmega ic for the same functioning .
hello, i am working on a project to detect the voltages of battery 1 and battery 2 and a temperature sensor and display on lcd, so i just made a code it detect battery 1 voltage and battery 2 voltages properly but temperature sensor is unable to give me correct value, if i there is change in battery 1 voltage then value of adc of temperature also c
I am using FreeRTOS V9.0.0rc1 on atmega32 with clock of 1159200Hz, on AVR STUDIO 7. I try to use counting semaphore in timer2 (32Khz external crystal) interrupt to handle to task. But both task run at different speed even when both having same priority. I think this is due to stack overflow.????? (Please see attachment) My program doing t
I need a code for interfacing GPS with avr(atmega 16) using mikro c program.and please explain the code.
I do not know how to do it? for example - - - Updated - - - How? For example, how do it with a atmega32? ineed fast rise & fall time pulse.
Hi, Your post is confusing to me... You talk about bluetooth, but the picture shows no bluetooth but USB. ****** Even your description lacks of information.. ~~~~~~~~~ <--> A bluetooth dongle is a bridge between bluetooth and serial interface (or other interface) So it is somewhere
hey we have an ongoing project and that need to have an important application that is firmware upgrade over the air. we are using atmega 128 which having two UARTS. two options to get connected with internet are (RN171)WiFi and SIM900A(GPRS). i saw a website on which the user upgrade the Arduino firmware using ESP8266(Wifi module). [U
how can i upgrade the firmware on atmega using a pc ? what are my various options other than using an AVR boot loader device like i am using currently AVR-MKII in combination with atmel studio. I want to be able to just use the pc and some software to update the firmware.
, it goes up then down and so on i want to ramp from r
hello i want to receive sms via sim900a with atmega 32 whats at command need to recieving sms? is this correct? AT+CMGF=1\r AT+CMGDA=?DEL ALL? AT+CNMI=0,0 AT+CMGR=1 AT+CMGL=?REC UNREAD? tnx freinds
Hi, I want to send data (that encrypted with such as AES Crypto) form PC to AVR atmega ?C, so, what can I do? PS. I found that AVR XMEGA ?C supports the AES Crypto and can perform encryption and decryption. But I don't know anything about XMEGA! Thanks 124058
Hi, Can you tell me what is the difference between atmega8A & atmega8L microcontroller