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Hi everybody, I would to drive a solenoid with a mosfet and measuring the current by adding a 0.1 Ohm resistor between the source of the mosfet and the GND. (See the schematic below). When probing this point with a scope I see this signal (see scope capture below). What I would, is cleaning this signal before sending it to the ADC for a correct r
Hey guys in my project I need my atmega168 to drive a 24V relay(30mA,1100ohms).I am using npn transistor which will satisfy the current requirement of the relay to turn it on.The problem is that one end of the relay is already grounded so I cant really use CE configuration and i am quite confused actually I have always used transistor as CE configu
Hello, I had used USART interrupts on ATMega88 to handle sending data from PC to uC so that data can be transmitted using nRF24L01... Something like virtual serial bridge between 2 PCs. But than i had to switch on one side from ATMega88 to atmega168 and than problem started... Baud rate is set on both uC and it's the same. Usart init: [
Hi all, I am interfacing LMX9838 with atmega168, I am using null modem configuration. I am trying to program in command mode SPP. However, the device did not appears on my laptop as a Bluetooth, maybe i couldn't able to initialized properly. if anyone interface LMX9838 by using C, then help me in this regards.
Hi there , i'm working on a pulse oximeter project using an arduino atmega168 to build a pulse oximeter . was hoping if i could get help with the code , i'm using two LED'S A TSL235R AND an LCD. Appreciate the code might be complex to calculate the oxygen level and just wondering if someone has it or came across it ? Many Thanks
Hi i'm working on spi communication between atmega168(master) and atmega16(slave) the problem is that the slave receives what the master send but the master can't read what the slave r the codes: Atmega 16: #include #include #define SETBIT(ADDRESS,BIT) (ADDRESS |= (1<
how can i achieve USART between atmega168 and atmega16? where should i connect the XCK pin?
but this library can be used for atmega168 ,atmega328 ,atmega32,atmega16
hi how can i send a char array from atmega168 to atmega16? do i need a protocol? is there a ready c function for it? i'm using avr studio 5.1 thanks
Ok, I see. Thank for your help. CLKPR = 0x80 ; CLKPR = 0x00 ; I've added two line about to the first line of main(). In Realterm screen, Received character is also special character (strange) in ascii mode. So the problem isn't solved. Can you give me another solution? __I also try to use pyserial (python) to receive data from Atm
Hi to all After reading all documents and tutorials still need help around 19KHz sound generation I have Atmega8 (can be atmega168) and flow is next It should generate 500ms quiet and 1000ms of sound rising edge must be under someone help me with this (I'm not
the data lines are 1-9 , the others are security lock - - - Updated - - - 78613
i have 4 Dc signal can i compare these signal using threshold in atmega168?
support this family. list of supported controllers are- ATmega48 ATmega48P ATmega8 ATmega88 ATmega88P ATmega8515 ATmega8535 ATmega16 ATmega162 ATmeg164P ATmega165 ATmega165P atmega168 atmega168P ATmega169 ATmega169P ATmega32 ATmega324 ATmega324P ATmega325 ATmega325P ATmega3250 ATmega325
Electronic variometer is used to measure vertical speed. It can be used for free-flying paragliders, what means flying without power and looking for thermal chimneys that cause the rising of the flyer. The project ca
It is a project of AVR test board found at LINK . The main aim of creating this device was to mobilize user to exercise and practice Assembler. The board does not
my arduino is a diecimila w/ atmega168....does rx tx connection enough already.,.,and the source(3.3v from the arduino)? ---------- Post added at 15:05 ---------- Previous post was at 14:52 ---------- i am supposed to program my arduino to send a message at a given time using the GSM module.,.,
can we make an arduino with atmega16-8pu chip ? and is the atmega16-8pu same as atmega168 ?
Hi, i have a atmega168 and programmed it using a avr programmer circuit Getting started with AVR development and i programmed it 3-4 times but after that i able to program the mcu but it didn't get any output on pb0 i programmed a led flasher this problem increased and and i ended up w
I was wiring up a brand new atmega168 in a hurry tonight and unfortunately powered it up with the chip upside down. It still programs and verifies fine, but I am unable to get any sort of code running on it. I've not used the 168 before so I'll post the code just in case there's something I've missed, is it feasible that the chip could still be