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In The Name Of ***** Hi I want to connect four sensor to one atmega32 in bascom , but I can't read each sht10 address ,Please help me. thank you bye
Hello, I try to interface PCF8591 with atmega32. And successfully run DAC and all modes of ADC but when I try to read ADC data and write same data on DAC then this not work. Even when control register of PCF 8591 is reinitialized . First I use internal oscillator of PCF8591 by grounding EXT pin, with this ADC and DAC work correctly (but no
i want to interface 3 to 8 decoder to atmega32 microcontroller to make on the particular LED ? how can it be programmed?:-D
Review the hardware design to understand what's connected to external RAM space, apparently the said "CH375" interface. atmega32 has no similar external data bus option, you have to refer e.g. to ATmega128 if you want to use it in your new design.
SALAM . . . ... . i m going to make a driverless car prototype in which i have to detect road sides i have to use GPS,GYRO accelerometer ULTRA SONIC SENSORS and a camera... .. .. NOW my basic problem is how to interface GPS and gyro+acclerometer with atmega32.. 1-how to give Coordinates to GPS for car destination ---->Skylab GPS Module MT
SALAM TO ALL i am final year student of computer engineering and looking for final year project.. initially i have to interface a color camera with microcontroller which is mounted on robot to see the live streaming on my laptop ( i have some experience with atmega32) :?: :oops:
Hai all This is my new project. I want to interface a digital camera module to the micro-controller atmega32. The camera module is uCAM-TTL camera module from 4D systems. I interface the camera module and i implemented the communication systems everything.I can communicate with the camera module through serial communication. (...)
hi all, I am new to micro-controller projects. for my semester project, i want to interface atmega32 with SHT25 tempreture sensor through i2c protocol. i m using proteus ISIS for simulation before implementation. i want to get tempreture readings from SHT25 and display the readings on portA in binary format. but my circuit and codes are not
Salam i am using portC of atmega32 as a input port and connect PORTC with pulldown resistor but getting problem on PC4 and PC3 my programm is perfect simulation is perfect but when input comes from PC4 and PC3 pin i get No out put :cry: getting similer problem on output PC2 and PC3 pins consistently on 1.79V even if there is logic 1 or 0
This is my new project . I want to interface atmega32 microcontroller with visual basic 6.0. I can communicate with visual basic through serial port bidirectionally. Aim of the project is that i have to monitor the ADC values of 2 channels in two text boxes in visual basic. The method i chose is that i use a timer in visual basic to send two chara
i need to interface x bee with atmega32. i am new to these topics. please give me some ideas,links,circuits... i need to interface this like point to multi point communication(many remote unit and one base unit. all the remote units need to communicate individually with base unit) please give me some direction to go... pls pls pls.
Hai friends.. This is my new project. I want to interface scada software with ATMEL atmega32 microcontroller. Initially i tried with the scada software "Intouch" from Wonderware. But i couldn't setup the communication with the Intopuch scada. When i ask to some experts they told that Intouch scada can't interface with microcontroller (...)
Hai all I am trying to interface a serial JPEG camera module to atmega32. This is the first time i am trying to interface a camera module with a microcontroller. I am not sure that if it will success. My aim is that i want to extract some predefined characters from the captured JPEG image. I searched in google but i couldn't (...)
Please can any give me code to display time on lcd using RTC 12c887 using atmega32 microcontroller.... rattan.
Hello, I want to interface GSM module with atmega32. I have wrote a c code using avr studio 4 and compiler winavr using 16MHZ crystal. But when i send sms sending AT command, GSM module doesnt send sms. I have checked my gsm module in hyperterminal. It is an okay. I am sending commands as follow, AT\r delay(1000); /
Hi, I want to transfer some data through zigbee to avr atmega32. Anyone has any idea how should I do it?
Its example from dr. Dogan Ibrahim book called "SD-Card Projects using PIC". Check book author gives source codes for every project. :-) See this project: microSD atmega32 Data-Logger (atmega32 8ch ADC Temp-Voltage)
Hi, I have a problem as follow: In my circuit I have a enc28j60 module on SPI . I setup a Serial interface to PC to show somethings on terminal. All is ok when I turn on this device when my AVR MKII connected to it(SPI), but when I disconnect MKII and reset it I see leds of enc28j60 blinking abnormaly and it is not working. I try to find the p
:???:i want to interface 4x4 keypad with avr atmega32 along with lcd display. I m using AVR studio. Can anyone provide me a c code for interfacing 4x4 keypad.
Here you can find 3 SMS controllers for home automation that I build 1)PIC16f877a 16OUTs and 8INs (this is MAX version :-) ) one DS18b20 and one LM35DZ C# interface for configuration of phone number and messages for controlling outputs and reading