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As atmega8 is available in DIP & QFP packages. Why does QFP package has 4 more pins than of DIP package?
Hi, I had designed RC5 transmitter using atmega8. Now i want to simulate it with simulator like Proteous or other. I can see transmitted square wave pulse on MCU pin via Oscilloscope in proteous but not satisfied...if it should like hyperterminal simulation than its a great. I can varify transmitted pulse by design receiver with other MC
Dear PEople. I am having a problem.I am sending a stream of data from one uC atmega8 to an other and at the receiver end I am viewing this data on my PC using FTDI chip. The problem is the ADC values which I am sending are being correctly received on my Receier but when I try to map those ADC values to the PWM pins they dont work properly. I do
thanks for replay I have considered every things you said.(MAX output voltage of opamp is 4.96). I have used all ADCs of atmega8; there is no problem when using adc but ATMEGA doesn't work properly and gets hot when connecting the same circuit to adc 7 and adc68-O what I'm suppose to do?:thinker:
Please let me know that about calibration of opamp, I am designing Current Transformer operated atmega8 based Ammeter. But the problem is occured, I used 40m-ohm resistor for 60/5A CT the output voltage when 5A is 200mV ,how to convert exactly for atmega8 10-bit ADC. Can anyone interested to tell me?
I bought arduino board using atmega8 micro controller and i got IR sensing boards with it. the board are mounted with an op-amp LM358. I am not getting the purpose of that op-amp. please explain Op amps are of great importance in electronics, they can be used for may applications. I think the 358 op amp (...)
so, this is it o
Hi all! I'm new on this forum and I want to sorry for my mistakes (English is not my native language). My problem is how to interface hd44780 and memory card. I used this program (ignore the comments) #include // #define LCD PORTB #define E 3 #define RS 2 // #define SET_E LCD |= _BV(E) #define CLR_E LCD &= ~_
I have problems with atmega8 and em4095 RFID driver. this firmware and cicuit is unstable and very Sensitive to switching and aow read range(2cm). my code and schematic is attached. please help me. thanks . $regfile = "m8def.dat" $baud = 9600 $crystal = 8000000 $hwstack = 40 $swstack = 40 $framesize = 40 'Make SHD and MOD low Conf
I am going to do a wireless project using atmega8 so i have to use Tx & Rx. For this purpose which device model(Tx & Rx) will be better?
i''m trying to build "Arduino Single-Sided Serial Board (version 3)" aka Severino mentioned here: Arduino - ArduinoBoardSerialSingleSided3 which uses atmega8 i want to know if it will work fine with the ATmega328 and will i have the advanced features of ATmega328 like more pwm chan
Hi, If you have used 8051 then you're familiar with programming. So, you should download the datasheet and if you go through it, it shouldn't take you much time to port your knowledge to atmega8. As stated, AVR Freaks has plenty of info and tutorials. You should also choose your required compiler and language and I re
it’s a universal driver with communication via RS-485. you can call it an modem. It consist those sections: - power - control - conversion of RS-232 protocole in to RS-485 - memory description: heart of the system is 8 bits microcontroller atmega8 clocked by 12MHz clock. Board has dimensions 65x35mm. Power section consist LM78L05
Hei!!! I use atmega8 and sht75 from sensirion. I am tring to get some data from sht75, but on the osciloscope i have some in addition bit. I dont know why, is this error. Look at the picture, from the rar archive, the exemples are simulate in proteus for comand: 0% RH and 35%RH, -40 C temperature, and the answer from 35%RH is not like in
I made that device to check ENC28j60 controller. Function of this device is to take time from time server via SNTP protocol and display it on LCD 2x20 display. System can communicate with any SNTP/NTP server via a few protocols ARP/
Hi :: I have project that using Sonar Range Finder to comunicate (sending data and reciveing data) . I use atmega8. I need help to do this project . Can you give me a simple code? :arrow:
how can i connect a atmega8 to atmega16 with Serial protocole ( TXD & RXD ) ? in addition to use 2 max485? does exist any point in this method?:D Added after 5 hours 1 minutes: can anyone help me? i need hep
hi every body can any help me to obtain differential mode using ADC pins in atmega8
may be better to amplify and rectify with 3 op-amp and connect there peak values to microcontroller. some of microcontroller have ADC on chip, such as PIC16F873-4-6-7 or atmega8,16. Regards, Davood