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Guys, What's the fuse bit for atmega8 for 12MHz..? Anyone has made a fusebit restorer with arduino ? Thanks
Whats wrong to atmega8 after setting its fuse bits as High=D9/Low=E1 Asn per the below code, i just identifying that which switch is pressed by ON particular LED. atmega8 does this task perfectly if i set its fuse bits as defaults, but after setting fuse bits as High=D9/Low=EF, the i/p function of (...)
I am using extreme AVR Burner for burn the atmega8. In that i had set the fuse bits as low-D9 n High-EF Now if i use it again for re-programme, its not responding. Does permanently damaged?.....or there is another problem??
Dear Friends HAPPY NEW YEAR TO All I am doing this Project But My problem is not Finding the atmega8 configuration (fuse bits) Please help me what is the fuse bits of atmega8
Hi everyone, i try to blink a led to learn avr series as hoby so i wrote this code below: #define OUTPUT 1 #define INPUT 0 #include "main.h" #include #include "util/delay.h" int main(void) { DDRC = 0xFF; // PC0..PC3 as output PORTC = 0x00; // all PORTC output pins Off while(1) {
Can anyone tell me how to use an internal RC oscillator as a clock source in atmega8? I have searched a lot about that and found, there should be configuration bits programmed using ponyprog2000. But when i program configuration bits my program cant be run and when i connect external oscillator between XTAL1 and XTAL2 the program execution speed
Please let me know that how to set fuse bits in the ponyprog2000 for atmega8 using serial programming. Can anyone interested to tell me?
Jtag enabled etc There is no JTAG in atmega8. @Rohi123 Looking at the attachment fuse for internal 8MHz is correct. Do you need bootloader which is selected for 1024 bytes in your attachment.
hii . i write a wrong fuse bit for my atmega8 . and i can't programming it via my usb asp programmer . and in data sheet i find an parralel high voltage prorammer. and i find this video high voltage can reset my fuse bit ? .
Hi , I have an atmega8 with its clock fuses unknown !! I want to program it but I dont know what type of oscillator to use is there anyway to restore the fuses to original state (1 Mhz internal oscillator)??? I have a USBasp programmer only .
Good morning at all. I want built this: I need to change the fusebits of the atmega8. 1) first i flash with hex files and only AFTER i change the fusebits? 2) When i have changed the fusebits (ext. rc. osc. to 12 mhz) , i can not do it anymore (reprogrammed)? 3) the setting with
Hi friends can anyone teach me how to burn fuse bits in a atmega8.first i burnt the lower and higher fuses separately.then my AVR became the second time i burnt both the fuses together.then error was shown.i dont know what to do?
65492 These setting for atmega8 are not working. I want to use internal oscillator. Thanks
Hi, need me help. I make programmer for AVR microcontrollers, with atmega8.But I'm not sure whether I correctly set fuse bits. I am read datasheet but I don't understand fully datasheet. I am set low fuse bits 0xD9 and high fuse bits 0xE1. I using 12MHz quartz oscillator. Lock bits i don't touch and it is set as default at (...)
Hello. I would like to know if someone had made this arrangement Satfinder Elektor March 2011 to find out what fuse box for the atmega8, I'm a little lost (even many) I visited the site [http : / / but I can not understand how to take control in the dropdown menu, I know the installation uses an
I have been checking my inventory of ATMegas and here are the results: ATMega32L Plastic Packing (Reel of 10) SPIEN fuse programmed ATMega16L Plastic Packing (Reel of 10) SPIEN fuse programmed atmega8L (Reel of 25) 7 already used 18 present 7 used did not have SPI fuse programmed, checked the remaining 18, none of them (...)
The external crystal oscillator can be enabled with setting fuse bit in atmega8 BE CAREFUL WHILE CHANGING fuseBITS Best of luck
atmega8 fuse Calculator AVR fuse Calculator for atmega8 here you are
I program atmega8.Now i want to protect the chip so that no one can read its hex code.What should i do?
hello everyone! i want to see the atmega8 adc result on my pc i am using bascom avr terminal emulator displaying the following code whatever i print ??x?x?x??x can any one help me
hi guys, i am not finding any read lock bit in atmega8, is ther any read lock bit or fuse in atmega8?? how to read protect a atmega8?? please help arnab/vu2bpw
Hi, I programmed the RSEDISBL fuse of atmega8 to get one more I/O pin, then the ISP function not worked any more. Is there any way to restore the fuse to default value? My programmer (superproLx) does not support atmega8. Regards, Epegic