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There is no right or wrong setting, you set them up based on your project requirements. The fuses and their meaning is described in mega8 datasheet pages 26 and 216
I want to unlock the attiny microcontroller which is locked by mistake now my programmer can not detect it. I am using ICSP serial programmer that take six pin for programing (Vcc, GND, RESET, SCK, MISO, MOSI). Right now I am using sinaprog for the programing the controller. I am also facing a problem to writing the fuse bit. Fuse bit option are di
hi frds i have been using the atmel micro-controller. i am using the Extreme burner v1.0 for upload program into flash. i get confused about the fuse settings in Extreme burner. could anyone explain the fuse setting? thanks in advance
Hi, The fuses on atmel chips simply configure the chip so it will operate its hardware in a particular way. The most basic one is likely to be about the type of oscillator the chip is to use, internal or external and what frequency the crystal is. Have a look at this site to see the many options, though many of them are simply left in the
I have post picture in previous post... In my case fuses were problem, post your project and I will help U. Also and few modification in code you have to change This is pdf from atmel AVR093: Replacing AT90S1200 by ATtiny2313
Did you program the fuses incorrectly? This is often a problem with the avr mcu's. Sometimes you can do everything right, and still have trouble if your programmer is home made. I got a programmer here: that repairs the fuses back to the way it came from atmel. It works good, and easy.
What programmer are you using ? Ponyprog or atmel ISP MKII ? The device have some fuses that enables/disables Jtag. If you use the pin dedicated to Jtag, you should disable it programming fuses (that is setting it to 0 because the default state is unprogrammed). Some situation is for clock selection. See the device datasheet in order to (...)
look at :
Small (512 words total, about 100 words of free space) Powerful Hard-Coded ?Via Comm? Bootloader For Interfaced atmel ATmega Devices, With Full Memory, Lock Bits & fuses Accessing And Testing Ability, Supported From Application ?MegaCipher-Server PRO? And C++ Class ?MegaCipher? (source code). FREE test

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