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Hello, While waiting for a synthesis tool license I am forced to use WINCUPL in order to test an atmel CPLD. Made a program to turn on leds with buttons but was not able to load again. Figured out that when I did a JTAG override in atmelISP, I would no longer be able to access JTAG without a stand alone programmer. My question is, how (...)
Hi, I'm new to the atmel ARM series MCU's and I am trying to create a simple program so that when I press the user button, the led on de board lights up. (I am using the SAM4s Xplained pro development board) I want to do this without the ASF functions, but with the GPIO registers like PIO_OSR, PIO_ODSR, PIO_PDSR etc. Can anyone who has
Hello!! I need to interface LPC115 controller through I2C for a touch sensor, For that sensor to work I can use an atmel controller. But before going to this I just want to interface I2C with an led. So kindly suggest me on how to proceed. Thank you.
In this case I'd use one of the following: 1. Microchip PIC 2. atmel AVR 3. Si-Labs 8051.
Hello, I try to complie (using atmel studio 6 ) example C code for led blinking: #define F_CPU 1000000UL #include #include int main (void) { DDRB |= _BV(DDB0); while(1) { PORTB ^= _BV(PB0); _delay_ms(500); } } I get atmel studio error: Error 1 'DDB0' undeclared (first use
could someone help me to understand how to read the shifting of bit which will turn on the led? for "1<<led0_BIT" what is the value of led0_BIT? I am new to this, please bear with my dumb question. ------------------------------------------------------- #define led_PORT PORTD #define led_DDR (...)
hello. I writes the avrstudio matrix led 32x32 atmel mega2560 experience a program proteus then be not sure that wrong which dot help advise correct. thank you. Pued
Hi... Im novice to AVR mcu and its various programming/prototyping methods. I had installed atmel studio6, managed to get STK500 programmer, and after some attempt succeed in programming simple led blinking program on mega8515 available on STK500. apart from this i don't know much about programming, about how to use studio6 as a (...)
I want help for a project to display static 100 characters (each message will have max. 20 characters) of messages stored in memory. Display the desired message will be the order received on the RS-232 serial port. Example display message 1: #001. Example display message 100: #100. I can use any type of microcontroller (PIC - atmel). More details
I have seen this driver board along with some MCU and RTC clock chips. Can i use it as 8x8 Matrix board with my PIC ? Because on the site they have defined it can work with ICSP & Attiny atmel MCU. Please confirm me can i use it with PIC MCU ? us
Hi.... I am trying to control an led matrix(5X7) using an 74HC595 latch+shift registers and atmega32. I checked out several codes on the was quite easy. So i tried making up my own code using atmel studio. But the output pins show zero output whatever serial data i send. (The multimeter showed zero volts with GND as reference)
any body help me ??led Matrix 16x64 waking is fine but scrolling is all to left scrolling show??change my attach file ASM.Thanks.
hi, i have baught genius g540 two days ago. and since then i am trying to blink an led on P1.B0 of atmel at89c52 on bread board. i am using mikroc pro for 8051 software for creating hex file. and using g540 software to program microcontroller. things i know for sure . those are properly working: 1: power supply. i have DMM and i checked it. its
Looking and working with a product in market, i happened to study the circuit and working and got well satisfied with the simple deisgn and minimal hardware. The main board comprises an ATmega32 connected to atmel 24C512 and 74HS595 > rows. USB key board directly connected to the microcontroller. I have seen below mentioned models sucessfully worke
hello i am a new comer in micro controller user. i want to blinking led with atmel 89c55wd micro controller. will you please give me the source code in C. please i am waiting for your response. please give me in my mail (
hello , can anyone help me in finding the solution for atmel 89series programmer circuit.actually by using proload 4.1 software, the hardware is detected and displaying the code i.e (like 89S51 is connected and 0 bytes when i burn the program the software says "write successful".but the MCU which i have burned has no response when i tried
Hi..Please go through below link....
hi friend i want know for microcontroller (PIC and atmel) projects ,which one is more powerfull ,C or assembly. specially for led scrolling display system. thanks
I am using AT42QT1010 from atmel as touch button IC but it have fault when I use led in center of touch circle ,what touch ICs have good support for led on/off in center of touch button? Please help me on design of single touch button with led in it.
Hi, I am new in the embodied world.I am going to develop a simple device which has 4 inputs 1 2 3 4.led has to be blink while i give the input and also display in LCD which input i give like 1/2/3/4...I kindly request everybody to guide me..Any sort of help is appreciated. Thanks and Regards Hareesh Kumar