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Im still searching atmel controller library for Proteus. but i cant get it. Is there any simulation software for atmel series like at, atxmega, atmega and so on. Thanks.
atmel ASF library has the driver for ili9325 controller, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to use it with Mega series. At least you can run atmel Studio, there are example projects for this lcd controller (for atmel boards with this controller) with the source code that you can use in your projects. You can review and edit (...)
hello, Right-now i am working on project of generating PWM signals on xmega microcontoller. Previously i have worked on PIC with "MicroC for PIC" IDE. Right-now i am working on atmel studio. in "MicroC for PIC" many libraries were there so our work is really easy in case of some complex interface like LCD. I know there are also some libraries
hii, for AT90US search atmel microcontroller library, for INA114 search Burr-Brown library and for resistors go to Panasonic library.
if you dont choose mcu or platform,mfrc522 has really good library & application notes for Arduino(a popular platform for beginners & hobbyist based on atmel mcu's & ...) altought i prefer avr 8 bit mcu (like atmega8 ) & avrstudio but notice: all other platform's rc522 library sourced from arduino then its better to start ; )
i bought a 89S52 microcontroller The text on ic states "atmel AT89S52 24PU 1303h" i am working for the first time with a micro controller actually i wanted to build a isp programmer i tried out several circuits using a 11.0592Mhz oscillator and the capacitance is 30pf each However the isp programmers were giving
I have an atmel AT89LP6440 but no parallel programmer so I made a PC program that uses an FTDI cable in SPI mode to program it instead. This works well and I am able to both program the chip and read back the firmware. The chip uses a synchronous SPI format. Here is the code I have that works using the D2XX library in asynchronous SPI mode:
Hi All, I got the following wifi shield connected with UNO R3. The wifi shield I have has AT32UC3A1512-U atmel chip. The wifi connection is not persistent. The connection goes on & off. I am using the following library for building a WebSocket client:
Check this application note from atmel If you are using avr gcc, softuart library is available on the net
HI all, i'm trying to design one schematic with atmega8 (TQFT) controller.. i need OrCAD library file for that controller... please help me to get those lib files... thanQ in advance
hi every one i m working with atmel, using Keil and C language, but its dosnt support atmel Atmega series, and also not support the pic microcontroller is there any compiler that support all these features, using C language???
Do i have order from the atmel?
hi bainchi77.... If you are looking a common compiler for PIC and lets say 8051 atmel.... I will suggest you look for SDCC compiler....this support both 8051 as well as PIC .....but not all the device.....However, it is free but ....I has some non-free linker scripts from Micro-chip..... Good Luck
I am writing a C program using LwIP with FreeRTOS for an embedded device, the micro-controller is atmel AVR32. I have a question about the UDP library of LwIP. In LwIP, after setting up the udp receive callback function by udp_recv(), I know that the callback function will be called once an UDP datagram is rece
A start for you: atmel Application Note: AVR323: Interfacing GSM modems GSM library for AVRs ANd use google search engine :)
Please let me know that how to interface LCD with PC and how program the 89c52 (MCU). Can anyone send me C code for LCD interface with 89c52? My e-mail address is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NO PRIVATE SHARING READ RULES BEFORE POSTING :MOD
hi i need to use 89c55wd, 89c51_2 of atmel in altium designer 6.9 but unfortunately i didn't find it in atmel library. can anyone confirm that it contain these microcontroller or can anyone tell the solution thanx
It it's AVR you after take a look at the EVK1104 from atmel. It uses a 32UC3A256 Micro and has a neat demo of FFT on 2-input signals. The 32-bit UC3 has a very good DSP library for carrying out the FFT itself. Using it for sampling music shouldn't be a big stretch. If you download AVR Studio 5 you can take a look at the sample code for the UC3_DSPL
I think it would be very hard to look beyond atmel's AVR's. They have fantastic free development software in AVR Studio 4 and now 5. Can develop in ASM or C. Lots of example code. Huge supports community ( AVRFreaks ). Free access to Capacitive touch technology with QTouch library for a large range for their standard micros. You can start with very
Is there anyoune got this altium library? And also im using winter 09. Is it compatible? regards..